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How to Know If Your Dog Has Anxiety

It can be hard to identify signs that your dog might be feeling anxious or stressed. With that in mind, we at 5-Minute Crafts have done research to help you with this.

1. Your dog will dig.

Digging can be a sign that your dog is suffering from not only general but also separation anxiety. This can be a way for them to relieve stress.

2. It’ll whine and bark.

Even though it’s normal for dogs to be vocal, it can intensify when they’re under stress. Dogs will whine and bark to either get your attention or to self-soothe.

3. You’ll notice changes in your dog’s posture.

Usually, healthy dogs will spread their weight on all 4 legs. However, when stressed, dogs will shift their weight to their rear legs or simply cower. They can also tuck their tails or become rigid when they’re scared.

4. It’ll chew on things.

Your dog will chew on things to get nervous energy out of its system. It can chew on things like door frames, window sills, and other household objects when they’re alone.

5. Your dog will try to escape.

Escaping is not only a sign of anxiety, but it also poses a threat to your dog. They can get hurt running down the street. Also, don’t leave your dog alone in a fenced yard because it might smell another animal and try to chase it.

6. It’ll pant often.

If your dog is panting when they’re just sitting around, not exercising, it might be a sign that they’re feeling anxious. However, it’s normal if your dog is panting because they’re worked up or have just finished exercising.

Tip: how to calm your dog

You can give your dog a massage to release some of its tension, or bring out their favorite toy so that they’re distracted. Exercise is also a great way for them to relieve stress.

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