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How to Make Your Cat Trust You

It’s not easy gaining a cat’s trust. However, with a little patience and love, they can become your new best friend. With that in mind, we at 5-Minute Crafts have prepared a guide to help you conquer them in no time.

1. Provide it with a safe space.

Cats need a place where they can be away from stimulations like sounds and smells, along with other things. So it’s important to guarantee they have somewhere to shield themselves at times. Think of places where people don’t like to go much, like a spare room. Then set it up with a comfortable bed, a litter box, food and fresh water, and lastly, a scratching post and a couple of toys for their entertainment.

2. Let it come to you first.

Your cat should be the one deciding when it wants to come to you, and not the other way around. They’re animals that can learn a lot just by observing others. Your cat is always getting to know new things about you, whether it be by watching your movements or smelling and listening carefully.

3. Don’t startle them.

Avoid stomping on the floor or moving suddenly. It’s important to be predictable and not surprise or startle your cat.

Note: This might prove hard to do with children and other pets around the house, but it can be a good opportunity to teach them about showing empathy toward others.

4. Learn how to pet them.

Pet the cat’s head by squatting down and slowly placing your hand on it, but softly, and for a short period of time. Avoid using opened hands coming from above its head. They also really enjoy being pet on the chin and cheeks while your fingers caress their mouth.

Note: Don’t pet your cat if it hasn’t made physical contact yet.

5. Speak to it softly.

Cats may get scared by loud voices, especially if they’re shy. Speak to yours in a calming manner, and often, so that it can get used to your voice. Also, if you do this while you’re cleaning the space it is usually in, or whenever you’re sitting by its side, it might start feeling more comfortable with you.

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