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How to Make Your Dog Happy

Dogs deserve entertainment as much as we do. Because of that, we at 5-Minute Crafts would like to share a few things you can do that will make your best bud happy.

1. Take them with you on your daily trips.

This will stimulate your dog’s senses, as well as expose it to new experiences. Take it to the ice-cream shop, to the park, or even on a car ride. However, if you do take it on a car ride, make sure to secure it with a dog-specific seatbelt harness.

2. Let them chew on sticks.

Chewing on sticks is not only natural, but it’s also rewarding and healthy for a dog to do. This is because it acts as a stress reliever for them.

Note: Pay attention to be sure that they don’t eat the stick, as it might cause infections or worse.

3. Buy them a kiddie pool.

kiddie pool will help your dog cool down in the summer while providing them with another space to play in. Be sure to buy a sturdy pool that your dog won’t just tear through.

4. Play hide and seek with them.

Indoor games like these don’t take much effort and they’ll keep your dog happy. Find a good hiding spot and call for your buddy. This will keep them entertained for a while and you can praise them when they find you.

5. Teach them new tricks.

Teaching your dog a new trick will stimulate them. Because they’re interactive creatures, they’ll often look to you (the leader of their pack) to provide them with new opportunities to test their skills.

6. Give them compliments.

Dogs, much like us, enjoy positive reinforcement as well as compliments. Let them know when they’re doing something that makes you proud and they might even repeat it.

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