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How to Make Your Dog Love You

Dogs are loyal and naturally loving, so it’s no surprise that they bond easily with humans because they see them as members of their pack. Besides the basic needs that these pets require (such as food and shelter), dog owners can do some simple things to create an even stronger bond with them.

5-Minute Crafts will explain some practical activities you can do to make your dog love you more, whether you own a puppy or an older dog.

1. Go on frequent walks together.

Dogs love walks and all breeds require exercise to stay fit and active, so don’t overlook this activity to keep your pup healthy. Besides, this is not only an opportunity for exercising, but it’s actually some quality bonding time for both of you. For this reason, you should make time in your schedule and walk your dog several times a day so that it can spend some much-needed 1-on-1 time with you.

Try to be mindful of your walks together: don’t just take your dog around the block and make them take care of business quickly. Instead, take your time, keep off the phone, and carelessly explore your surroundings. For example, you can let them splash in puddles or play hide and seek.

  • Tip: It’s very important to allow your dog to sniff surfaces on your walks. Basically, dogs “see” the world through scent, so it’s essential to let them explore the environment with their noses and avoid rushing them during walks. Focus on the journey itself, and not the destination.

2. Hand out delicious treats.

The saying “the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach” is not only true for humans, but also for dogs. Treats are an excellent way of gaining the affection of your four-legged friend, but bear in mind that these should only be fed in moderation and as positive reinforcement. Also, make sure that these are healthy snacks, such as carrots, salmon, and peanut butter, among others.

You should get your dog to sit, stay still, and lie down before offering the reward. Don’t overdo it to prevent weight gain, so you can switch up treats with more active ways to bond with your pet.

3. Train your dog to improve your communication.

Training might sound like you’re teaching your dog some skills or how to behave in certain ways, but it’s much more than that: you’re actually learning how to communicate with them (think of it as a communication tool for two different species to “speak” the same language). By using this shared new language, your pup will love you even more because you’re solely using it for interacting with them.

Also, reinforcing your dog’s training with toys or treats will also make them love you more because they’ll perceive you as the provider of some of their favorite things in the world.

4. Share your bedroom with your dog.

Dog owners have different opinions when it comes to sleeping on a bed with their furry companions: some people like it while others do not. However, dogs probably love it because, in the wild, they all pile in together and they’re not forced to sleep alone. This means they’re always part of the pack.

However, you don’t have to share your bed with your dog. In fact, most people prefer it when dogs sleep on their own beds. Just remember that pets feel privileged when you let them into your bedroom (and even sheets if you don’t care about fur). You can place their bed next to yours to keep your doggo close, but they’ll probably fall in love with you harder if you give them access to your bed.

5. Learn the activities that your dog enjoys.

Some breeds might be more inclined to enjoy particular pastime activities: for instance, Labradors love to swim and Spaniels really enjoy finding things. In general, it’s always a good idea to get to know your dog, analyze their behavior, and discover the things that make them happy. You can engage in activities such as playing scent games and visiting a local river, which will enrich your pup’s life and make them absolutely adore you.

Just keep in mind that some of these activities might be quite messy and you might not be too happy about them (for example, your doggo might enjoy digging up the yard). However, this behavior problem can easily be fixed with creativity: you can make a sandbox for them.

6. Take your dog on a trip.

Including your dog on a trip or vacation shouldn’t be too difficult with a bit of some planning ahead, especially now that there are plenty of pet-friendly options out there. Nowadays you can even travel abroad with your dog by complying with certain official regulations; for example, if you want to cross the border from the U.S. to Canada you will require a rabies vaccination certificate.

Some of the essentials that your doggo needs when traveling include: having the correct vaccinations, investing in a pet passport, and packing their suitcase with food and toys. Also, be very careful while being with your dog in a car: don’t leave them out of sight (especially for long periods of time), make sure to crack your window, and never leave them behind on extremely hot days.

7. Be present in your dog’s life.

You won’t gain your dog’s affection if you’re always away because they won’t see you as their main carer. Dogs are social creatures and, as such, they crave companionship. You need to create a special bond with them, which is not entirely possible by sending them to daycare or locking them outside.

Also, it’s essential to be present for your dog. This means ensuring that your awareness is centered on the here and now, so that way you can offer them your entire focus; for example, if you want to train your puppy, this isn’t the time to stress about work or plan dinner. Your pet will sense when you get distracted and they will disengage too, so devote your full attention to create a strong connection.

The best way to make your dog love you is to involve them in every aspect of your life (even if you were absent in the past). They will absolutely spoil you with love if you do it.

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