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How to Pet Your Bunny

Petting your cat or dog is pretty easy, as we’re used to dealing with them on a daily basis. Rabbits, on the other hand, have some sensitive spots you might not know about.

For that reason, 5-Minute Crafts has come up with a guide on how to properly pet your bunny.

Let them see your hand.

Rabbits can’t see directly in front of their eyes because of a blind spot in front of their nose, however, their vision is almost 360º.

  • Approach them slowly.
  • Put your hand on their forehead or slightly to the side (so they can see you coming).

Pet their forehead.

  • Most rabbits love being pet on their forehead.
  • It’s easy to reach.
  • Use your fingers to give them small strokes.

Pet them behind the ears.

  • Start petting their ears only if they’re comfortable being pet on their forehead.
  • It’s usually a sweet spot for rabbits.
  • Give the rabbit a massage behind its neck.

Pet their cheeks.

  • Your rabbit might get startled at first.
  • Switch gradually from their forehead to their cheeks.
  • Rabbits usually enjoy being pet there.
  • Over time, make these cheek rubs longer.

Pet them with full body strokes.

  • Start by stroking half their back only.
  • Continue petting them on their forehead and behind the ears, slowly transitioning to back strokes.
  • Slowly increase the length of the back strokes so the rabbit gets used to them.

Make sure your rabbit enjoys being pet.

Rabbits will seek your attention, usually by doing one of the following:

  • Being comfortable and digging at your lap as well as sitting on your lap.
  • Nuzzling your hand.
  • Curling up next to you.

Places your rabbit might not enjoy being pet

Most rabbits don’t enjoy being touched in these places:

  • Around their tail
  • On their stomach and chest
  • On their chin
  • On their feet
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