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How to Put a Harness on a Cat

If you want to walk with a cat or transport your pet, you’ll need a harness. It’ll allow you to control the movement of your pet and prevent the cat from running away and getting lost.

5-Minute Crafts has prepared illustrated instructions on how to properly assemble a harness and put it on a cat.

How to assemble a harness

Harnesses are usually sold pre-assembled. But if you got an unassembled harness or the straps untied while your cat was wearing it, here are the instructions on how to assemble it:

1. Unfold the harness and place the short strap perpendicular to the main strap, leaving it about one-third of the way from the clasp.

2. Take the long end of the main strap and pull it through the loop next to the buckle.

3. Pull the long end of the main strap through the loop on the short strap.

4. The part of the harness with a fastener should be located on the cat’s back, and the part with a short strap — on its chest.

How to put a harness on a cat

1. Pass the harness through the cat’s head with the fastener up.

2. Pass the legs through the straps. Make sure that the short strap is located over the cat’s chest.

3. Take the free end of the main strap and wrap it around the cat’s neck. Fasten the harness on the back.

4. Make sure that the straps aren’t too tight and that they don’t obstruct any part of the cat’s body. At the same time, they shouldn’t hang freely, since the pet may try to remove the harness while wearing it.

5. Attach a collar to the harness and go for a walk.

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