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How to Stop a Dog Fight

Dogs fight for several reasons; territory, protection, overstimulation, etc. Many dog owners may not know how to break up fights when their beloved pet is involved. They may take inappropriate or insufficient actions, which, in the end, may result in some undesirable events. Yet, there are so many ways to pull this off successfully.

5-Minute Crafts gathered up some essential tips for you to address a dog fight appropriately and know how to stop one or remove your furry pal from it safely.

❗ Important: This article is for informational purposes only. Before taking any action during a dog fight, it’s strongly recommended you use your utmost caution and call professionals.

1. Reasons for why dogs fight

Although many fights are territorial, some may be related to resource guarding, possessions, such as toys, food, poor social skills, etc. Some triggers may cause this situation too. For example, the urge to protect their pack may also ignite a fight. A friendly dog may turn into a fighter if it’s in pain.

They may exhibit aggressive behavior due to their natural canine instincts or fear of feeling threatened. Redirected aggression and unlearned emotional self-control may lead to this spur too.

2. Stop a dog fight without intervening.

It’s not easy to jump in amid elevated aggression. It’s scary and dangerous. If you encounter such a breakout, don’t think that a dog won’t bite you, even if it’s your dog. There are a couple of tips to pull it off successfully:

  • Remain as calm as possible.
  • Clear the scene. That is, send or remove any children or crowds away. However, it’s best to have 2 people around, particularly the dog owners.
  • Hose them down with water aimed at their heads.
  • Spray them with citronella or vinegar, as dogs dislike the smell. Pepper spray isn’t good, for it may damage the dogs’ eyes, skin, and mucous membranes.
  • Make noise through a loud whistle or a car horn.
  • Use objects, such as long heavy blankets, to disengage them. This way, they may focus on the blanket for a moment and end the fight.

3. Intervene physically.

Intervening with your hands may potentially be the most dangerous if done incorrectly. Don’t attempt to grab the collar or head of the fighting dog. Though it’s risky, you can use the “wheelbarrow” method. It requires 2 adults if 2 dogs are fighting. The technique looks like using a wheelbarrow.

At the very same time, they should firmly approach each of the dogs from behind and grab their back legs, then pull them away from each other in a backward direction. Holding them away from their legs also prevents them from biting you.

3. What to do after the fight

Dogs may tend to go back to fighting just after they’re disengaged. Try finding a safe place immediately after the fight to alleviate the situation. Check your dog for injuries and seek a vet exam.

4. The takeaway

If you want to learn more about dog fights, you need to prepare yourself. Before everything else, ensure it won’t happen in the first place. For example, many conflicts, say, in dog parks, can be prevented under your supervision. Don’t put your dog into situations where fights can happen. If your dog is aggressive, keep it in a muzzle during outings.

When you take your dog out for a walk, please don’t allow it to disturb another dog’s space without getting approval from the dog’s owner. When the dogs play, observe the situation. If your dog is in a one-sided play, taking part in mobbing other dogs, or if it’s intruding on other dogs’ spaces in the way of mounting on them, then it’s time to intervene.

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