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How to Take Better Photos of Your Pet

Getting a good picture of our pet can prove itself to be a hard task. Still, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to your advantage. For example, you could reward your pet with a treat after a successful photoshoot. We at 5-Minutes Crafts will teach you how to do this, and more.

1. Get down to its level.

Taking a picture of your pet from its own perspective will give you insight into how the world feels from their angle, rather than your usual human angle. Your picture will also feel more intimate as well as be emotional.

2. Make use of natural light.

Animals love the outdoors, so chances are your pet might look happier when it’s outside. Take this opportunity to snap a great picture of it. You can also try to do this while the sun is low to avoid any harsh shadows. The natural lighting will also be better compared to indoors.

When taking any pictures of your pet inside the house, search for the spots with natural lighting too. This will help you to significantly enhance the quality of your shot.

3. Check the background.

Try to make sure the picture isn’t focused on the background, but on the pet itself. It also helps to avoid any color blending in the picture. For example, you wouldn’t want a picture of your beige colored golden retriever with a sandy beach for a background, it might make your dog get lost in the image since the colors would merge together.

4. Be persistent.

You won’t always get the picture you’re looking for after the first try. The key is to be persistent, and you’ll eventually get it.

5. Have a treat ready.

When it comes to taking pictures of your pets, it helps to have a treat ready after they’ve behaved well. And, when they start looking at it, snap the picture! They may even learn what to do for the next time you decide to do a photoshoot with your fluffy friend.

6. Get up close.

These types of pictures are great to use to capture your pets in detail. Try to fill the entire frame with your pet to get a really gorgeous portrait. You can focus on highlighting their vibrant eyes or even their wet nose, for example. They’re also a great alternative to the usual snaps you take of your pets.

7. Be creative.

Let your creative mind be free and take the best shot you can. There are a few things you can do, like having your pet stand next to something funny or even dressing it up. Taking their picture while they’re chasing after a ball, or while you’re playing with them to get a really nice shot of their expressions. You just have to make sure you’re not bothering your pet and that it feels comfortable at all times.

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What’s your favorite picture of your pet?

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