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How to Take Care of a Cat: 7 Tips

Having a cat is a lot of fun, but also a big responsibility. Cats are low-maintenance pets compared to dogs, which require companionship, walking, and training, among other things. They do, however, need regular care.

5-Minute Crafts has prepared this set of tips to remind you when you need to take certain actions to help your cat be healthy.

1. Brush your cat

Regular grooming will help your cat’s fur, whether it’s short or long. It eliminates dirt, grease dead hair, and skin flakes from your pet so it doesn’t eat it when grooming itself. While brushing, you can also observe any changes in its physical appearance. Doing it once or twice a week will help to maintain your kitty’s healthy glow.

metal comb is the best choice for a short-haired cat. Go from head to tail to take off dirt and debris. Choose a rubber brush to eliminate dead hair.

If you have a long-haired indoor cat, brush it every few days. It will help to remove dead hair and avoid knots. Begin by softly combing the fur upward toward her head, starting with its abdomen and legs.

💡 Moreover, this process is even more important if your cat can’t do it itself anymore due to its age.

2. Trim its nails

To keep your cat’s nails short and reduce scratching, trim them every few weeks. Sharp nail trimmers are preferred over unsharpened ones because they are more effective. Before you begin, make sure your cat is comfortable. To reveal their claw, gently squeeze their paw. Only the translucent white portion of the nail should be clipped.

💡 You can also take your cat to a vet or groomer to trim its nails.

3. Organize scratching posts

Cats love scratching! They do it for a variety of reasons: sharpening the claws, exercising, and marking their territory. Provide several scratching posts throughout your home for your cat. Among other things, it will help you to save your furniture. Place twice as many scratching surfaces as the number of cats in your home, plus one more. For example, for two cats you will need 5 posts.

💡 You can either buy those posts or make them yourself.

To do it yourself use a plastic bucket, non-toxic glue, and sisal rope.

  1. Take a clean and empty plastic bucket.
  2. Apply non-toxic glue to it.
  3. Start winding the sisal rope around the bucket.
  4. Continue winding the rope all the way to the top of the bucket. Make sure that your rows are neat and close together.
  5. Do the same with the bucket’s lid and cover the bucket.
  6. Let your cat enjoy scratching.

4. Provide ear care

Even if it seems that your pet hears well, check its ears once a week. You might notice wax or debris in them. If so, consider providing ear care for your cat.

Follow our guide if you need to clean your cat’s ears:

  1. Make yourself comfortable, take your cat and hold it in your lap.
  2. Gently pull the ear flap’s tip back and put the ear solution inside (consult a vet for the right ear solution).
  3. Massage the base of the cat’s ear for several seconds with a finger wrapped with gauze, cotton ball, or cotton makeup rounds.
  4. Let your cat shake its head.
  5. Wipe the liquid or debris out of the ear canal with dry gauze wrapped around your finger. Do the same with the other ear.

💡 Don’t use cotton swabs, they are dangerous for the pet’s eardrums.

5. Brush their teeth

Taking care of your cat’s teeth is very important: bacteria that develop on them can enter its bloodstream and cause other feline illnesses. However, a pet cannot brush its teeth.

Here are the recommendations which will help you to do it correctly:

  1. Focus on your cat’s gum line in a circular motion.
  2. First brush the exterior surfaces of its teeth and the area under the lips.
  3. Reach and clean all teeth.
  4. Spend approximately 2-3 minutes. Once a day will be enough.

💡 Since the kitty may refuse to allow you to do it, you can schedule teeth brushing with your veterinarian.

6. Provide fresh water

Make sure to refresh the water supply on a daily basis since your cat’s health depends on having access to clean, fresh water.

💡 If your cat refuses to drink from a dish, try giving it a tall glass or a cat fountain. Some cats just dislike bending down to drink.

7. Bath your cat when needed

Baths aren’t normally required for cats. However, it might be a good option if they got dirty and can’t wash it off themselves. There are some tips to make bathing more comfortable for both you and your pet:

  1. Ask somebody for help. One person can hold the kitty while the other one can bathe it.
  2. Fill a bath with warm water to a depth of a few inches.
  3. Wet the dirty places on your cat and then apply a shampoo for cats. Only wash the parts that need to be washed, then thoroughly rinse.
  4. Apply a washcloth to its face and ears.
  5. Use a creme rinse. Wait up to five minutes then rinse thoroughly.
  6. Dry it as much as possible using a towel.
  7. Remove any loose hair with a comb.

💡 Since cats normally don’t enjoy this process, instead of getting their entire body wet, clean an isolated area if possible.

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