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How to Understand Your Cat’s Body Language

How to Understand Your Cat’s Body Language

It can be tricky to know what cats are feeling. With that in mind, 5-Minute Crafts has prepared a guide that will help you understand yours better.

1. Your cat is curled up on itself.

This means your cat is feeling safe and calm. It’s also the position they usually sleep in, as it reduces the heat that comes off their body.

Note: If your cat sleeps in this position a lot during the day, take it to the vet just in case something is wrong.

2. They’re lying down with their paws tucked under their body.

It’s showing you it’s happy. You may notice them taking a nap with their eyes half closed, or completely closed. Their whiskers and tail either won’t be moving or will be held slightly high with a curl to them.

Note: It’s usually easy to notice when your cat is feeling this way, and if you pet them, they may purr.

3. They’re exposing their belly to you.

This position has 2 sides to it. For one, it can mean your cat is relaxed, trusting, and that it feels safe. However, it can also be that it’s ready to defend itself. When lying like this, they can easily take their claws out and be ready to fight.

Note: No cat personality is the same, so don’t rub a cat’s belly that you don’t know, even if they expose it to you.

4. Their eyes are open and their pupils are narrowed.

Your cat might be focused on a moving object, or a new thing surrounding them. Pay attention to their ears and whiskers, as they will be pointing forward. Their body might even be low on the ground, ready to stalk their prey.

5. Their body is sideways and their back is arched.

They’re trying to make themselves as big as they possibly can because they’re feeling scared or angry. They may also be ready to be aggressive. They place themselves sideways to be able to run quickly, in case they have to chase something or someone.

6. They’re kneading.

cat that does this, is not only happy but also satisfied. Kneading is a memory leftover from when they were kittens, that continues into their adulthood. You can consider yourself special if they knead on you, since they won’t do it with just anyone.

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