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The Most Loyal Dog Breeds

When getting a dog, we want to have a loyal friend. But it’s impossible to predict what the character of your future pet will be like. However, experts have identified the strongest character traits in different breeds. This information can be used to help you choose the right dog or understand your pet better.

With 5-Minute Crafts, you’ll know what dog breeds are believed to be the most loyal.

Why are dogs loyal to humans?

Dogs are believed to be one of the most loyal animals. Of course, they don’t feel affection for everyone: often, dogs only get attached to their owners.

Scientists conducted a study during which dogs were given brain scans. They had to smell pieces of fabric, some of which had their owners’ scent. Animals not only recognized the smell of their owner, but also had a positive association with it. Experts believe that dogs are genetically predisposed to feel affection for their owners.

Experts put together a list of the most loyal dog breeds, the main traits of which are affection, devotion, and a desire to please their owner.


Boxers are not only loyal but also strong dogs. It has a rather intimidating appearance with a square jaw and a stocky, muscular body. But thanks to the intelligence and loyalty of Boxers, they began to be trained as couriers, guard dogs, and police dogs.

This is a friendly and affectionate breed if it is properly trained and socialized.


Rottweilers were originally used to protect cattle. Just like Boxers, these are stocky, short-haired dogs. Dog handlers describe them as powerful, protective, and loyal.

Experts say that the Rottweiler will be around and protect you as long as you are committed to it. These dogs look quite formidable, but in reality, they need your love and attention. Rottweilers can’t stand being away from their owners.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is also one of the most loyal breeds. These dogs are active, intelligent, and employable, and are often used as service dogs.

Experts describe German Shepherds as gentle, caring, and loving toward their owners. These animals prefer their owners’ company over anything else.

St. Bernard

If you’re looking for a devoted and loyal dog, choose a St. Bernard. Dogs of this breed were initially used as rescue dogs in the Swiss Alps. They could keep people trapped by avalanches warm and pull them to safety.

The rescue instincts of the St. Bernard push it to protect and look out for its family. These dogs try hard to please their owners.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers were bred specifically for retrieving purposes. They have a strong bond with people. This is a very loyal breed, and this dog will become not only a great friend but also a protector.

These animals are distinguished by a cheerful disposition, boundless energy, high intelligence, calmness, and loyalty. They get along with children really well. If necessary, the Labrador Retriever will always come to your rescue.


Initially, the Akita was a working dog. But it can also be a guard dog. These dogs are very friendly with their owner and family but prefer to stay away from strangers. They are alert, courageous, and fiercely loyal animals.

Akita Hachiko is a Japanese symbol of loyalty and love. Everyone probably knows the story of this legendary dog, who kept vigil at a station for 10 years, waiting for the return of his owner.

The Akita is considered the most loyal dog breed in the world.


This dog was bred in Germany. Dachshunds are distinguished by a long body and short legs. These dogs are used to hunt badgers, rabbits, and other rodents.

Dachshunds are curious and slightly stubborn dogs that enjoy an active lifestyle. They are also known for being fiercely protective of their owners in various situations.

The breed has a jealous nature. These dogs can become very attached to one person, making others feel left out.


Chihuahuas are small pups with big eyes. They usually weigh no more than 6 pounds.

Like Dachshunds, Chihuahuas choose their favorite human to whom they will be immensely loyal. But, if these dogs are properly trained and socialized, they can become more loyal to other people too.

Many people believe that Chihuahuas react aggressively to strangers. This behavior is explained by their need to protect their owners.


The Brittany was bred for bird hunting. They are distinguished by their loveable personality and sensitivity, and are also easy to train.

These are very active dogs that need daily exercise. They love to play with children, accompany their owners on hunting trips, and compete in canine sports.

Brittany dogs are very loyal and good-looking, and they are compact in size. They weigh an average of 30-40 pounds.


Kuvasz dogs were bred in Hungary to guard livestock. But today, they’ve become ideal pets for many people. These are large, strong, and intelligent dogs that can guard and protect their owners from strangers.

Kuvasz dogs are very loyal to the people they love. However, these dogs need to be trained and socialized from an early age. They can be overly aggressive and may not understand boundaries. Don’t let a Kuvasz get bored: this can lead to destruction around you.

Rough Collie

This list of the most loyal dogs wouldn’t be complete without the Rough Collie. This is a herding dog of Scottish origin. Collies have gained a reputation for being loyal and devoted protectors.

These dogs are sensitive, intelligent, and can anticipate their owner’s needs. Despite their good nature and friendliness, they are suspicious of strangers.

Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees were initially a herding breed, and this shaped their loyal guardianship traits and protective instincts. Experts consider them natural guard dogs, who are ready to protect not only livestock but also people. This dog will become its owner’s best friend.

Great Pyrenees are highly intelligent, sensitive, affectionate, hardworking, and independent animals. However, like other herding breeds, they should be provided with sufficient physical and mental stimulation.

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