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What Dog Breeds Are Most Active, and Which Ones Are the Laziest

Dog handlers advise choosing a pet according to your lifestyle. Just like humans, there are active and not-so-active individuals among dogs. Of course, each animal is unique, but sometimes a proneness to a certain temperament can be explained by the breed.

5-Minute Crafts is telling you about the most active dog breeds and the laziest ones.

How to know a puppy’s temperament

There are various tests for determining a puppy’s temperament. It’s recommended to conduct these at about the age of 7 ½ weeks. Puppies can be any of the following:

  • Playful
  • Curious and fearless
  • Prone to chasing
  • Communicative
  • Aggressive

How different breeds really are

There are 7 classes of breeds:

  • Herding dog personalities are energetic, as they were bred for active work in fresh air to graze the herd all day. Therefore, they are very athletic, which means they are used to working hard.
  • Terrier dog personalities are bold and funny; they need a person who will be as active as they are.
  • Hound dog personalities use their vision to find what they’re looking for and are agile and speedy. Those who use scents are tough and slow.
  • Sporting dog personalities can be hunters or water dogs, and they also make for great therapy or assistant dogs. In general, this group of dogs is highly active and able to multitask, which goes very well with a similar lifestyle.
  • Decorative dogs’ small size is compensated by their character. They may not be big but they’re full of energy.
  • Working group dogs are the breeds that were created to help people in various spheres. They know how to guard, pull sleds in harnesses, and even rescue people.
  • Non-sporting dog breeds are a group that includes breeds that were historically created for certain activities that are no longer practiced. Dalmatians, for example, were raised to accompany horse-drawn carriages.

Dogs from different breed groups can produce offspring with very different personality traits. However, training and socialization are also important in the development of puppies.

It is assumed that purebred dogs will be distinguished by the standards and traits inherent in the respective breed group, one of which is their temperament. Mixed breeds, in their turn, will have the same level of activity as their parents.

However, recent research has shown that belonging to a particular breed can only predict certain behavioral traits in a dog, like the fact that huskies howl more than some other dogs. But the breed cannot completely determine the character and temperament of a particular pet. It’s the puppy’s environment that it grows and develops in that affects its personality to the most extent. However, of course, some behavioral models can manifest in the scope of one breed more than others.

The most active dog breeds

The laziest dog breeds

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