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What to Do If Your Cats Don’t Get Along Well

Have your kitties started a war for no reason? Did you want to get a friend for your pet but they perceived their new neighbor as a competitor? Whatever situation you have, our article will help you reconcile your fluffy pets.

We at 5-Minute Crafts hope that you will be able to do this. The main thing is to stay patient and persistent and keep in mind that we are unable to speed up some processes.

Step #1: Make the home space comfortable for all of your pets.

Create separate “base camps.” Buy toys, hang shelves on walls, install a special cat tree, perches, and houses for each kitty, taking into account their taste. Provide enough space so that every pet has their own corner where they can play, rest, and eat, avoiding stressful encounters with the other animals.

Step #2: Don’t force your cats to communicate with each other.

Don’t make your cats interact with each other. Each meeting that ends up with a fight creates a stressful environment for them. Place them in different rooms and make sure they can leave them without having to face each other (create shelving or covered tunnels, etc.).

Later, change your pets’ places so that they can explore the territory of their neighbor without coming face to face with them.

Step #3: Feed the animals on opposite sides of the door.

Start a feeding ritual called “The Other Side of the Door.” Place the bowls with food on different sides of a door or partition. It’s important to make sure that the cats don’t see each other.

Feed your pets this way regularly, at each meal, gradually moving the bowls closer to the partition. Once the kitties start to eat calmly and get used to each other’s smell, you can start to lift the partition or open the door. But don’t hurry.

Step #4: Play with them in one room.

Keep in mind the 3 most important parts of a pet’s life: food, play, and love. You can improve the relationship between cats if you manage to combine the presence of both animals in the same room and make sure they receive their desired reward. The idea here is to get both cats in a room together, without any sort of barrier, and keep things as harmonious as possible.

Play with them, pet them, try to use as many things that both pets like as possible. Don’t force them to play together. Distract them from each other, let each pet relax in the presence of their neighbor.

Step # 5: Don’t make them love each other.

If after all these steps, your cats haven’t started to love each other but have stopped showing open aggression or they simply ignore each other, this is also a good result. Not all pets want to be friends, sometimes you should let your pets just solve their problems themselves unless it ends up with a trip to a vet.

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