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What You Need to Know About a Cat’s Personality Based on Its Breed

Cats of the same breed not only look similar but also act similar. Some pets are curious and love adventure, others need active games, and some cats love sleeping all day long and still feel great.

Together with 5-Minute Crafts you can find out more about cats’ personalities.


Siamese cats have narrow wedge-shaped heads, elegant legs, and thin tails. They have a color pattern where their ears, head, and legs are much darker than the rest of their body. These cats also have very bright blue eyes.

  • Really communicative. They love spending time with their owners and they can cohabit with other cats especially if they grew up together.
  • They don’t like loneliness. A cat that is missing its owner will show destructive behavior.
  • Smart. Siamese cats can learn commands that don’t just make playing more interesting but also help them be in better shape.
  • Energetic and playful. Siamese cats need toys to burn their energy.
  • Talkative. They often have a very loud voice. Siamese cats love communicating with their owners with sounds and vocalizing what they do.


The features that a Persian cat has are long hair, short legs, and a round face. Big eyes and pointed noises make their faces look sad or a bit surprised. Persian cats can come in various colors.

  • Calm, they love peace and quiet.
  • Gentle. They are often attached to their owners. They love sleeping on people’s laps.
  • They are okay with children.
  • They don’t require a lot of attention from their owners. They can be alone just fine.
  • They can be friends with other animals, including dogs, especially once they get used to them.
  • Not very smart. They are hard to train. They are rarely good hunters because they don’t always understand what their owners want from them.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are really big cats with very thick fur. The ears are their biggest feature: they are big, wide, and pointy. Their noses are always straight, not flat. Their eye color may vary depending on their fur color.

  • Really friendly. They are a lot like dogs: they are welcoming and nice.
  • Communicative. They love people and new friends, especially kids and dogs.
  • Energetic. Maine Coons are active, playful, and they are good hunters.
  • They love water. Unlike most cats, they even like swimming in deep water.
  • Loyal. These cats always protect their owners from danger, like dogs.
  • Not very persistent. Even though they love their owners, they won’t require your constant attention like some other cats.
  • Smart. They can learn tricks and play with complex toys.


Exotic shorthairs look like Persian cats. But they have short fur. They have round heads, big eyes, small noses, and little round ears. They have short but strong paws, short and thick fur.

  • Calm and patient. These cats are great with small children.
  • Playful. They love spending time with their owners and participating in different games.
  • They like communication. They can live with dogs and other cats but are not really happy about it. They are more interested in communicating with people, rather than other animals.
  • They easily adapt to the environment. They can adjust to the lifestyle of their owners making their lives more comfortable.


Ragdolls are some of the biggest house cats. They have long muscular bodies with soft silky fur. Their eyes are blue and their fur color may vary depending on the cat.

  • Gentle. These cats love communicating with their owners and sitting on their laps.
  • Loyal. Ragdolls are very attached to their owners. They might follow them around the entire house, sleep with them all night, and meet them at the door like dogs.
  • Playful. These cats are playful for their entire lives.
  • Patient. They can live with other animals and children.
  • Not very demanding. Even though they love attention, they are rarely very demanding.
  • They love being on the floor. They don’t like climbing. They sometimes jump on beds and couches to rest with their owners.

Scottish fold

Scottish folds have strong round bodies, short necks, and round heads with big eyes and small folded ears. The eye and fur color may vary. The fur is usually short but can also be long.

  • Friendly. They are good with other cats, dogs, and kids.
  • Gentle. They usually pick only one owner, they love them and trust them.
  • Curious. These cats love uncharted territories.
  • Easy to train. They love games and being taught.
  • Can be destructive if they are bored or don’t have enough space for games.


Abyssinian cats look like small pumas. They have athletic bodies, long paws, wedge-shaped heads, and elegant necks. These cats have big ears and big almond-shaped eyes that can be green, hazel, or amber in color. The fur is short and soft.

  • Athletic. Abyssinians are really active, they love running and climbing, so it’s great if you have enough space for that. Otherwise, they might be quite destructive.
  • Not very communicative. They are gentle with their owners but might not like strangers. They might be scared of strangers and avoid other cats they don’t know.
  • They have developed instincts. They feel the mood and condition of their owner and always support them. They are very smart.
  • Curious and fearless. They love adventures. They love walking around the house if they can.
  • Independent. Even though they are attached to their owners, they set the terms of communication. These cats will do what they want and expect their owners’ attention.


British cats are big animals with round faces and strong bodies. Their eyes are big and round, their ears are medium-sized. They also have “cheeks” with whiskers that make them smiley.

  • Calm. British cats can easily deal with loneliness and are not very active.
  • Tactful. They are very gentle. They will only attract attention when they need something: when they are hungry, feel in danger, or lack attention.
  • Kind. They treat all other members of the family well, including other cats, dogs, and children.
  • Not very active. They love playing but prefer to spend more of their time sitting or lying in their favorite places.
  • They are good hunters. British cats have very well-developed instincts, so they should be kept away from other small pets like rats, hamsters, mice, and fish.
  • Really smart. They have a good memory and can be trained.


Sphynx are medium-sized cats that has almost no fur. Some of them might have some hairs around their face, shoulders, and ears.

These cats have big eyes and pointy ears.

  • They are one-owner cats. They choose one owner among all the family members and get attached to them. The cat will accompany their owner all around the house.
  • Very sociable. Really love communication. If you have a lot of work, you might consider getting another cat or even a dog.
  • Very gentle. These cats love cuddling with their owners and being around them. They even get under the blanket and keep their owners warm.


Orientals have long thin bodies, big round ears, wedge-shaped heads, long necks, and elegant legs. The fur is short and soft, and their colors can vary.

  • Their personalities are like Siamese cats.
  • Really communicative and talkative. Orientals love being with their relatives and spending time with other cats.
  • Active and playful. If the owner won’t be able to entertain this pet, they will look for adventures themselves. They can be destructive.
  • Curious. These cats can be taught tricks.
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