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What Your Dog Thinks About You

Perhaps each pet owner has wondered at least once in their life what goes through their dogs’ heads — like if the animals understand their owners and what they really feel about them. But as it turns out, we can actually find out this information.

5-Minute Crafts is telling you how dogs can relate to their owners and show their attitude.

If a dog loves its owner

Yes, it’s likely that dogs do love their owners. It’s expressed in how sincerely the pet looks into your eyes, how its brain initiates the state of satisfaction when it catches your smell, or when it comes to you feeling scared and seeking comfort (other animals do it very rarely).

Some dogs prefer to sleep with their owners — it’s a sign the animal perceives you as a part of the “pack.” Apart from that, sleeping together is a sign of high trust because dogs are most vulnerable when sleeping.

If your dog misses you

The dog’s brain reacts to an approaching owner in the same way it does to its favorite food. In addition, it was found that dogs are much happier to see their owner after 2 hours than after 30 minutes of absence, so time does play a role. Of course, the dog understands that we are leaving and is very happy when we return.

The precise mechanism of how it works is unclear, but it’s known that the bond between a human and a dog causes the formation of long-term memories in the dog. Even if you are absent for several hours, it’s likely that your dog will be thinking about you the same way you are thinking about them.

If dogs see their owners in their dreams

Despite the difference in size, there is a striking similarity between the structure of the human brain and that of dogs. Both show similar cycles of electrical activity (sleep cycles), and this similarity has led researchers to suggest that dogs’ dreams are very similar to ours in that they process the events of daytime activities.

Dreams for dogs are likely made up of fragments of real life, woven together in intricate scenarios, and since you are a big part of their life, you are also present in your dog’s dreams. All your walks together, scratching the dog’s stomach and ears, or praising it for good things are seen in dreams had by your pet.

If dogs feel shame or guilt

Perhaps many of you have noticed that a dog looks guilty when it scratches the furniture or chews slippers. However, most likely, dogs are not capable of experiencing guilt. It is hypothesized that a more basic emotion of fear stands behind this — the dog sees that the person is showing anger or frustration and reacts to it with anxiety.

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