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Why Cats Are Afraid of Cucumbers

You may have seen videos online where cat owners put cucumbers next to unsuspecting cats and film their reactions. But it turns out that not all cats are scared of the “green monster.”

We at 5-Minute Crafts wanted to find out why some cats have such a powerful reaction to cucumbers.

Element of surprise

Cats are scared of cucumbers when they see them accidentally. At this time, the animals are in an area that they think is safe for them, like in the kitchen where their food is. They enjoy their food, they’re relaxed, and they don’t know what’s happening behind their backs. And when they turn around, they see something that is too close to them. Of course, being scared in such a situation is a natural reaction.

New things at home may be good for your pet’s brain function, but they shouldn’t be a source of stress. Pets love to learn more about every new thing from a safe distance to know that everything is okay. Nobody likes it when something new gets too close to them.

The snake similarity theory

Jill Goldman, a certified animal behaviorist in Southern California, thinks that it’s possible that cats might mistake green cucumbers for snakes, some of which are dangerous to them. Of course, in such situations, cats want to run away as fast as they can. And only when they’re at a safe distance can they stop to think.

But Dr. Pamela Perry at Cornell Feline Health disagrees with the idea that cats think cucumbers are snakes. She says that cats don’t have a natural fear of snakes. In fact, many of them hunt reptiles.

💡Despite the variety of theories, all experts agree that cats are scared of an object that appears right next to them when they least expect it.


❗️Creating a situation where an owner scares their pet on purpose is not a good idea and it has a negative effect on the animal. Even one single traumatic experience may make the pet anxious, which can lead to aggression accompanied by a post-traumatic disorder.

Aside from the trauma that cucumbers might inflict on cats, there’s also a social aspect to it. Pets should feel secure at home. They need love and care. But after such stressful surprises, the trust will be undermined and it might be really hard to regain it.

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