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Why Cats Like to Sit in Boxes So Much

Even those who don’t have cats know very well that cats adore boxes. And many of those who have cats have seen the situation where their fluffy pet preferred a package box to a special (and often expensive) cat house.

5-Minute Crafts has found out the reasons standing behind it. We are going to tell you why our pets love these seemingly usual objects so much.

Predator’s instincts

Despite their cute eyes, fluffy tails, and pink paws, a usual home cat is not only a sweet creature but a dexterous predator who possesses certain instincts and habits. Cat owners have likely noticed many times their pets ready-to-attack hiding behind the corner, a flower pot, etc. We are not surprised by it — such behavior for these animals is natural. Boxes are simply another place to hide. By the way, not only small but big cats also (such as lions in zoos) show their love for boxes.


Staying in a small closed space where a cat can watch the entire world and be sure that no one will creep up to them from behind or from the side sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Cats agree. Moreover, their love for boxes is partially a manifestation of love for all small spaces. Cats are not good at resolving conflicts, and when they get into a stressful situation, as a rule, they want to hide somewhere: in a drawer, under the sofa, or in a box.


Cats introduced to a new environment deal with stress better and adapt to new environments faster when they have a box, according to a study. That’s why if you are planning to move to another place, don’t remove all of the boxes once you unpack your stuff in the new place. Leave a couple of empty boxes for your fluffy pet.

Warm place for sleeping

Cats sleep 13-14 hours a day, some can extend it to even 20 hours. That’s why a comfortable and cozy sleeping spot is a very important thing for animals. They feel good and warm in a cardboard box because cardboard is a good insulator. A cat will keep itself cozily warm in a box made from this material.


Another important aspect is the texture of a cardboard box. It attracts the cat by the fact that it is convenient to gnaw it, scratch it, and it tear into small pieces — to put it simply, a better toy has not been invented yet. That’s why you shouldn’t be offended at your pet if it prefers a box to an expensive gift bought in a pet shop. After all, we also sometimes like to play with bubbles and plastic wrap.

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