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Why Cats Like to Tuck Themselves Into Your Bed

Your cat might have a habit of laying with you under the sheets. There’s more than one reason why this happens, and we at 5-Minute Crafts will help you understand all of them.

1. They feel safe.

Your blankets, or bed covers, make your cat feel safe. Dark spots, or even hiding places, work as a spot for your cat to act on their natural instincts, where they can either attack their prey or hide from a predator.

2. They’re looking for warmth.

Since cats are attracted to warmth, tucking themselves into your bed is perfect for them. This is also why they enjoy sitting on your computer or lying under the sun.

3. They’re curious.

Cats are curious creatures by nature, so they often wonder what we’re doing. Tucking itself in your bed might be your cat’s way of understanding what you’re doing.

4. They want to play with you.

When your cat hides under the covers, it can be a sign that they want to play. If you’re moving your feet under there, it’ll be like a toy for them.

5. They love you.

If your kitty is laying with you in your bed, it’s a way for them to show you they love you. Your scent makes them feel at home, and they enjoy places that smell like you.

6. They don’t want to be disturbed.

Burrowing under your bed’s covers can be a way for your cat to shut itself out. When they do this, they don’t need to interact with others during a part of the day.

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