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Why Cats Won’t Eat If They See the Bottom of the Bowl

A lot of cat owners may have noticed that their cats won’t eat everything that’s in their bowl and will often leave food in the corners. 5-Minute Crafts is letting you know about 4 reasons why this may happen, proving that your cat isn’t just being fussy.

They have natural instincts.

Digging is a sort of survival technique that cats use to make sure they always have as much food as possible (this is called hoarding). Although this technique applies more to wild cats that bury their food, house cats leave some leftovers in the bowl to make sure they have food for later.

Some cats can feel more secure.

Cats, especially young or stray ones, can be insecure. This leads to them feel threatened about their food supply. To make sure their supply is secured, they might act like their food bowl is empty. This happens more often when the bowl is placed outdoors or if there’s more than one cat in the same house.

They might have sensitive whiskers.

Some cat breeds have more sensitive whiskers, and they feel uncomfortable pushing them into a deep bowl. To solve this problem, you can try a shallower bowl shape so it’s more comfortable for them.

Your cat just isn’t hungry.

There is also an obvious reason for this odd eating habit: their stomach is full and they’re not hungry. Their stomachs are small, about the size of a ping-pong ball, so they get full easily. You can try to reduce the amount of food you give them to see if they eat everything.

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