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Why So Many Women Adore Horses

There are more women that are horse owners than men. Women tend to like horses a lot, and 5-Minute Crafts will explain why.

1. Women are naturally reinforced to take on hobbies that are adaptive.

When it comes to hobbies, interests, or play, women tend to practice skills that are adaptive in some way. With horses, they are practicing the same skills they use to train their boyfriends and children.

2. Women handle horses with their brains.

Women intuitively recognize that they can’t work with horses using only strength, so they use their brains instead. They do it with calm and patience, and they create a connection with them.

3. Horses give women a sense of freedom.

Horses are wild animals that run really fast, and if people ride on them, they will run fast as well. Feeling the wind flying through the hair gives women a wild sense of freedom.

4. Gender plays a role.

Typically, toys like dolls and animals (including horses) are designed for girls, and cars and action figures are intended for boys. Even if you give all the toys to the different genders, girls will gravitate toward things like horses, and it feels like this connection stays around until they’re adults.

5. Women have “take care” instincts.

Owning a horse means you’ll need to take care of it, and women have the instinct to do so. They will spend hours at the stable yard grooming the horses, mucking them out, or simply staring at them. Women end up spending a lot of time with the horse, and it reinforces their connection.

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