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10 Common Reasons Why People Lie

Lying can cause a lot of frustration for those who have been given false information, as well as damage the sense of trust in a relationship. However, knowing the motivations behind this situation can clarify the issue and help us understand the people who do it.

5-Minute Crafts has created this article with some of the most common reasons why a person might lie.

1. To make a good impression.

Many people may be willing to present a positive image when introducing themselves, usually when they’re trying to get a job.

For instance, these people may want to hide a flaw in their professional history or avoid mentioning the real reasons why they left their previous job.

2. To feel like they’re in control.

For some people, telling the truth may seem like they’re losing control. For example, they may feel like the truth is inconvenient because it may not adapt to their narrative. Therefore, they might lie to lead others into making a specific decision or having a reaction they expect.

3. To avoid disappointing others.

Although it may not seem like it, people who constantly lie are usually concerned about losing the respect others may have for them. They want to impress those who are around them, as well as be liked and valued. Therefore, they may feel like telling the truth can lead to rejection or shame.

4. To protect others from being hurt.

When people lie with good intentions, like keeping someone from getting hurt, we usually consider them “white lies.” These lies are often seen as a justified or necessary reason to hide the truth from someone who could eventually feel pain. However, this has been ethically debatable by philosophers and theologians around the world.

5. To protect themselves from being punished.

Many people may lie to avoid a negative situation, unpleasant consequences, or conflict, as they know that the other person will get upset about what they did. Here, it’s possible that the liar didn’t do anything wrong, but they would rather avoid justifying, explaining, or dealing with an angry partner.

6. To escape from uncomfortable situations.

People often lie to avoid social situations that seem awkward. For instance, a person may say that they haven’t been able to find a babysitter after being invited to a boring dinner, or that they’re on their way out when answering the phone call of an unknown salesman.

7. To keep their privacy.

Some people lie to maintain their privacy, without mentioning the right to having a secret. For instance, someone may say “it’s private” instead of telling a lie, but only if there’s a very strong trusting bond with the other person.

8. To be accepted.

Feeling part of a group and being liked is very important to many people. Therefore, a person may lie just to be accepted by those who are around them by simply showing interest in things they don’t like or agreeing with an opinion they don’t share. However, this may result in a lack of individuality and the hiding of their true personality.

9. To see if they can get away with it.

Some people often lie to simply test their ability to get away with it and enjoy the power they get from managing the information available to others.

10. Because they believe that it’s true.

People’s memories can be influenced by many aspects, as they can change as time goes by and are reconstructed every time people think about them, which can make these memories unreliable. Therefore, when a liar tells a lie, they may believe it’s true due to pressure, stress, and a desire to make the situation work.

❗ Sometimes this situation can become so serious that it may seem like the person has created a whole new reality in their mind, one that adapts to their needs and beliefs.

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