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15 Signs That Tell If Someone Likes You

It’s always tricky when it comes to guessing whether someone likes you or not. Here’s where 5-Minute Crafts comes in and lists some surefire signs for how to tell whether someone’s definitely into you.

Body language

  1. They try to lean more toward you. Leaning forward or to your side frequently is a sure-fire sign of attraction toward you.
  1. When it comes to humor, the genders have their roles reversed. If a man likes someone, he’ll make his crush laugh. If a woman likes him back, she’ll laugh at his jokes.
  1. Eye contact is a major giveaway when figuring out whether someone is attracted to you, when you look in their eyes, you may notice that their pupils are dilated.
  1. Touching you subtly is another sign of attraction that you may want to look out for. If they also inadvertently hit your feet under the table, this is a subtle desire to be closer to you.
  1. The direction of their feet is another way to gauge their interest in you. If they point toward you, they surely like you.
  1. Men open up their posture more by straightening their backs while sitting or standing up straight to show their muscular features and attract someone they like. Women also show more of their feminine features by crossing their legs while sitting, tilting their head sideways to one shoulder, or straightening their clothes and hair, etc. This process is called preening.
  1. Women and men both play with their hair when they’re interested in someone. So, next time you meet them, notice this subtle move.
  1. A person who is attracted to you will subconsciously mirror your movements. For example, if you put your hand in your pocket, or fix your hair, they will unknowingly do the same. Sometimes they will also work a few words from your jargon into theirs, subconsciously.
  1. They get excited around you. As mentioned above, apart from the pupil dilation, their voice may get higher, they’ll ask questions to get to know more about you, or they will make plans to spend more time with you.


  1. They’ll surely steal glances from you, but not in a creepy way.
  2. They open up to you. Introverts tend to keep their secrets to themselves, but when they share their inner world of thoughts with you, they consider you special.
  3. They remember the tiniest details about you because are introverts are known to be observant.
  4. They are shy in person, but comfortable talking online.

Text message and social media gestures

  1. They usually initiate the conversation, even if they have nothing important to say.
  2. They send you a lot of emojis in their texts.
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