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6 Signs That You Match With Your Partner Perfectly

It seems you have finally found a person with whom you want to spend your whole life. But how can you know for sure that they’re a perfect match for you and you’re a perfect match for them? Luckily, science has the answer.

5-Minute Crafts will tell you about 6 signs that indicate if you and your partner are a match made in heaven.

1. You have a positive outlook on life.

Positive emotions are essential for a stable relationship. A partner who reacts positively to a loved one’s news and notes their accomplishments as if they were their own has a greater satisfaction from the relationship than one who reacts negatively or indifferently to the success of their significant other.

Moreover, according to the psychologist, Barbara L. Fredrickson, positive feelings, such as gratitude, can be one of the most important factors in a relationship. Expressing gratitude on a regular basis helps you appreciate your partner rather than taking them or what they do for you for granted. This expression of appreciation strengthens the relationship over time.

2. You spend little time on social media.

An excessive obsession with social media can be harmful to your relationship. Thus, Darren Adamson, the chair of the Department of Marriage and Family Sciences at Northcentral University, outlines 3 potential dangers that couples obsessed with social media face:

  • Social media distracts you from the communication that can foster relationships.
  • People tend to show life better than it is on social media. Sometimes couples compare what happens between them with exciting events from the lives of other people. It can cause you to develop non-realistic expectations, disappointment in your relationship, and an eventual break-up.
  • Social media offers the potential to develop other relationships that may look more attractive than the existing ones and eventually destroy them.

3. You often hug and hold each other’s hands.

We have a natural need for physical intimacy with a partner. In fact, a doctoral student in psychology, Samantha Wagner at Binghamton University in the USA, outlines that if partners often hug or hold each other’s hands, it helps strengthen their relationships, even if one of the partners or both of them are prone to avoidant styles in relationships and prefer to keep some distance.

Wagner and her colleagues conducted research among 180 married couples older than 18 years old. They were surveyed about the type of affection (avoidant or anxious) they displayed, the amount of touch they experienced with their partners, their assessment of their relationship, and how satisfied they were with their relationship. The research showed that the more often partners touched each other, the higher their satisfaction with the relationship was.

4. You have many things in common.

Despite the folk wisdom about opposites attracting, common interests and views on life are a more solid fundament for relationships. This doesn’t mean that similarities have to be perfect, but having the same values and a couple of common hobbies will definitely help you understand each other better.

At the same time, some of these similar qualities may have a greater impact on the development of relationships than others. To explore this more, research at the Gesis Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences in Germany analyzed almost 5,000 German couples. Scientists then watched their relationships for 5 years. It was found that couples who showed the same level of openness to each other were more likely to stay together.

5. You discuss financial matters.

Financial issues are among the most common causes of disagreement in couples, especially if you have different ideas on how to handle money. If one partner spends a lot and focuses only on everyday expenses, while the other, on the contrary, focuses on saving and investing, this can become a source of conflict.

However, if partners are prone to going to different places and interacting with each other, it can strengthen their relationship. Thus, the experts of the American Psychological Association journal recommend passing on the handling of common finances to one partner for a month, while savings and investments will be passed on to the other partner. The following month, they can swap places. Another option is to split the roles in half and take part in all financial matters together.

6. You are faithful to each other.

Faithfulness in a relationship appears when both partners agree to accept a certain level of obligation to each other. It can vary from couple to couple, and the best way to define it is to discuss your expectations with your partner openly.

Despite the fact that the understanding of faithfulness can differ from one person to another, there are certain signs that speak about whether your relationship is truly serious. Touching on this, Kelly Campbell, a professor of psychology at California State University, outlines that faithful couples do the following:

  • Try to satisfy each other’s needs (like in communication)
  • Speak positively about each other
  • Have a high level of satisfaction with their relationships
  • Don’t pay attention to other potential partners and may not even notice other attractive people around them

Bonus: You’re both superheroes in your own unique story.

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