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7 Unexpected Things That Show Your Relationship Won’t Last Long

Every relationship has its ups and downs — it’s quite normal and doesn’t mean that the partners will separate anytime soon. But it’s good to be aware of signs that may cause a future separation unless you and your other half start working on your relationship and improving your behavior.

A person’s facial expression in childhood photos can identify whether a person is prone to divorce or not.

This might be hard to believe but after a series of psychological tests, scientists found out that children who frowned in their school photos, got divorced more often than those who smiled sincerely.

You feel uncomfortable in the presence of your partner for no visible reason.

If you always feel uneasy, or have headache or backache, etc., meaning you feel physically uncomfortable or tense next to your partner, these are all signs of anxiety.

Compare these feelings with your experience where you are alone or with other people. If you feel calm in any other situation, except for the moments when your partner is next to you, this can be caused by the fact that you don’t want to be with them at the moment. If you experience these symptoms all the time, perhaps it’s worth thinking about the reasons.

Your partner often makes your personal life public.

In our age of technology, it’s hard to stay away from it. Social media, messengers, online games, all of these things distract you from your relationship, especially if your spouse can’t find a healthy balance between communication with you and staying online.

Nowadays, some couples get divorced because of the internet addiction of one of the partners. If you suffer at the hands of your partner’s multiple selfies, stories, etc., and your partner doesn’t seem to notice, perhaps your opinion is not that important to them.

Your partner interrupts you.

Good communication between partners is an important part of a healthy relationship. Communication problems are the most common factor that leads to divorce. If you’re often interrupted, or your desires are not taken into account, this is a red flag. “We’ve all heard when someone says something wrong, but constantly correcting your partner can become annoying and belittling,” says Stef Safran, matchmaking and dating expert.

You have constant financial problems.

It’s okay if your family experiences temporary financial difficulties. Anything can happen in life, the main thing is how you and your partner cope with the situation. However, if financial difficulties happen on a regular basis, this is a reason to think it over because money problems are one of the main reasons for divorce.

Your partner’s loved ones criticize you.

When parents interfere in the married life of their children, they ruin it. Because their opinion is always prejudiced and one-sided. Parents don’t realize that they violate your boundaries and the boundaries of your partner. And even though you can speak openly with your own parents, you can experience problems with the family of your partner, especially if they don’t really like you and your partner seems to not notice it.

The situation can become worse if your parents or your partner’s parents are divorced. According to research, these people can negatively affect the family life of the couples around them.

You sleep in a narrow bed.

It’s actually better for both the mental and physical health of the spouses to sleep separately or on a very wide bed. Poor quality of sleep, along with other things, can lead to divorce. Therefore, if you want to keep your relationship strong, make sure you sleep well.

In your opinion, what makes a good relationship last a long time?

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