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How to Become a More Interesting Person

Gone are the days when being interesting was limited to having unique hobbies that made you famous. Now, having a fascinating personality is more about being a people person and having something enthralling to say about what you claim as “your life.” It also helps in building stronger bonds with others. To make the most of these benefits, 5-Minute Crafts wants to suggest some tips for you to use to become an amusing human being.

1. Don’t be afraid to be uninteresting.

Fear inhibits us from doing a lot of interesting things. And when it stops us from doing things, it promotes idleness. The lazier you are, the more uninteresting you become and vice versa. Hence, you need to fight the dullness if you are to become a fascinating personality to whom people look up to for inspiration. Try saying affirmations like:

  • I do interesting activities.
  • I’m not boring.
  • I’m an interesting person to talk to.

Then beat the inactivity by reading the tips below.

2. Be passionate about something.

When you share something you’re passionate about with other people, you gain their complete attention. The people around you believe in you and they would love to listen to more of what you have to say. Being enthusiastic about your passion gives you a sense of purpose in life. Hence, it opens the door for you to support the causes you deeply believe in. Make a difference and others will follow you.

3. Practice being humble.

Being humble shows that you have people’s best interests in mind. It also makes others trust you and be more willing to be in your company. Here are some signs that prove you are humble:

  • You are an active listener: You consider every viewpoint being presented and listen to others’ stories from different angles.
  • You practice what you know: If you don’t know something, you don’t fake it. Instead, you seek more information on the subject from others. And you’re open to other options available as well.
  • You focus on improving yourself: Apart from considering your own opinions, you also ask others about what you can do better.
  • You give credit where credit is due: You don’t hesitate to credit other people for their hard work and acknowledge them when they deserve it.

4. Ask people about interesting things.

Interesting people skip the small talk and are always looking out for fascinating things to explore. Consider seeking thought-provoking answers from people instead of just following the boring social questions like, “How are you?” Try asking questions like:

  • What is the weirdest thing they have ever eaten?
  • What is your passion project?
  • Which movie changed your life for good?
  • What new skills are you learning these days?

5. Listen to podcasts.

Podcasts are loaded with interesting stories, details, and facts. So, when you listen to them, it surely fills your mind up with fascinating information. If you are not a reader, listening to podcasts is a perfect alternative. When you share your learnings from podcasts with other people, it helps you strike up interesting conversations and keep the people intrigued for a long time.

6. Develop a sense of humor.

Being funny has a lot of advantages. People tend to spend more time with others who are amusing as humor promotes trust, and it makes others comfortable and puts them at ease. Being humorous also helps you discover your authentic self, develop more confidence, and a sense of security about your social skills. These vibes are reflective of your outgoing personality which eventually captures the attention of others and increases your network as well.

7. Celebrate your weirdness.

Being weird means you’re not afraid to be your true self. And when others see you being comfortable with who you are, they’ll naturally be charmed by your presence. Just being consistent with uniformity and being formal is boring. Let your inner weirdness out — it makes others interested in you, to talk to and to look at. If there’s something interestingly uncanny you’ve always wanted to do like singing out loud in public or dancing like no one’s watching, then by all means, do it.

8. Ignore the naysayers.

To become an interesting person, it is important to ignore what others say and have fun on your own adventure. Be expressive, even if you are aware that your naysayers will hate it. Chances are, there will be a few who will favor the way you live, and you will be proud of yourself for stepping up your game.

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