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How to Build Trust Online: 6 Ways

According to some calculations, around 175 new websites appear on the Internet every minute. The same source indicates that there are approximately 1.18 billion websites available on the web right now. If you plan to launch a new website, you need to figure out how to build trust online and grab the intended audience’s attention.

5-Minute Crafts has created a guide to help you stand out from your competitors and build trust and confidence among your audience.

1. Make a well-designed and functional website.

Making a good first impression is an unavoidable step in gaining trust online. And to do so, you need to make a well-designed website that looks good on a computer, smartphone, and other devices. Also, it should be user-friendly, allowing your visitors to navigate the website with ease.

Furthermore, you need to present the content with quality images and clear descriptions that help address your audience’s needs or problems (more on this in a bit). Finally, make sure your website loads in 2 or 3 seconds. Otherwise, visitors may lose interest and never visit your website again.

2. Present your products or services well.

If you have an e-commerce website, help your potential customers make an informed decision by providing visuals and detailed information. Since online buyers can’t experience the product or service before making a purchase, you should provide clear and well-lit images showing the product from different angles or in different stages.

Also, the product description should inform visitors about what benefits the product offers to prospective buyers. The ideal product description explains what the product is about and its advantages without too many words.

3. Provide efficient customer service.

Ensuring efficient customer service is the next important step in building trust online. Customer service is the most immediate communication form between the parties, thus demonstrating the product or service provider’s professionalism and legitimacy.

You prove that you care about your customer by providing timely and accurate information. When customers ask for information, you should answer their questions as soon as possible, before or after a transaction. If your answer follows days or weeks after the initial query, your buyers may think that you don’t take good care of things.

4. Share positive customer and user reviews.

Instead of asking people to take you for your word, share reviews and testimonials from your satisfied customers and users. People like to know who they do business with, and positive reviews of your past customers may prove invaluable in building their trust in you. The key factor is that past buyers gain nothing by sharing their experience, so sharing their satisfaction with your performance can earn you credibility.

5. Communicate on social media.

Interacting through social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, is another step in gaining recognition for your business. By posting great content, replying to comments, etc., you communicate with Internet users, promote your brand, expand your market, and increase traffic to your website, among other benefits.

6. Be consistent with your brand.

Keep your brand message — slogans, values, etc. — and public relations consistent since they gain recognition. The last thing you would want to change is a business formula that works. Being consistent can also help your employees recognize your mission and values, and they’ll be able to represent them accordingly.

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