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How to Make People Trust You

Building trust won’t just happen overnight. You’ll have to be true to yourself and keep your word whenever you commit to something. Like these, there are also other things you might need to do before you get to the level you want. 5-Minute Crafts will show you how.

1. Be honest.

Telling people the truth should always be important, even when it’s not convenient. Being caught in a lie and developing a reputation as someone who’s not honest might be counter-productive when your goal is to build trust.

2. Keep your word.

Making someone trust you won’t happen overnight. It can take time, and you’ll need to stay true to your word. It’ll also let others know what you might expect of them, leading people to treat you with more respect. In the meantime, try to avoid making any promises you won’t be able to keep.

3. Be yourself.

Don’t force the bar. It might make you believe in yourself less and what you think is right. Being exactly who you are may be key for people to start looking at you as an authentic person.

4. Communicate well.

Miscommunication can harm the development of trust. If you’re having a conversation and you’re not quite sure about something being said — ask the person to clarify. This may also show them that you’re paying attention and listening carefully. By the same token, try to be as precise in your conversations as possible to avoid misunderstandings, especially on your messaging apps.

5. Pay attention.

Make the person feel like they matter. It’s important to show them you’re listening. Avoid any interruptions and allow people to finish their sentences. It might also help if you take a second before responding. It’s a sign that you really listened to what they had to say. Maintaining eye contact, as well as smiling at them, can also help your relationship develop further.

6. Take responsibility.

Don’t make excuses for when you do something wrong. Instead, own up to your actions. When you’re vulnerable, you might also end up looking more trustworthy.

7. Help others.

Helping others can show them you’re kind. When it comes to building trust, this is an important step, even if it doesn’t bring you any benefits.

8. Be patient.

It can take time before a deep level of trust develops. So be consistent and patient and eventually, you’ll get to where you want.

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