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How to Remember Names

It’s not always pleasant when you meet someone you recognize but you can’t put a name to their face. While this issue is common, it gets worse as we age. But, in fact, the reason we don’t remember someone’s name is that we don’t pay attention to it. However, if we ignore this issue, it could affect the way we make new friends and even influence our business plans.

5-Minute Crafts has a few practical solutions that will help you remember a name no matter how complicated it might seem.

1. Create a visual reminder.

Link the name of the person you just met with a similar place or object, or even another person with a similar name. This will help you to recall it faster.


Rose — the flower

Mark — to “mark” something

Matt — a “mat” for the floor

2. Repeat their name in your conversation.

When someone introduces themselves, don’t just continue the conversation. Try to use their name in the next sentences you use. This process will, in a way, make you more focused on paying attention to the person’s name without looking weird. Also, make sure to use the name in the last sentence of your conversation.


✅ “Hi Nick, nice to meet you.”

✅ “Have you been here before, Nick?”

✅ “Nick, how long have you been working as a designer?”

✅ “Goodbye, Nick.”

3. Ask them to spell their name.

Another practical way to remember someone’s name is to ask them to spell it out, especially if it’s rare or unusual. This will be especially helpful if you have a good visual memory because it can create a mental image of the person.


✅ “I really like your name, how do you spell it?”

✅ “Wow, what a cool name, how do you spell it?”

✅ “I want to add you to my contacts, how do you spell your name?”

  • Tip: If the conversation allows for it, ask for their business card. Then, while you talk to them, take a glance at their name on the card. This will help you visualize the name.

4. Ask them for their phone number.

If you’re talking to someone for the second time and are interested in the person, ask them to give you their number. Instead of you writing the contact info on your device, give your phone to them and they’ll write their name for you. With this info, you’ll be able to find them on social media sites and then connect their name with a face.

5. Choose a facial feature on their face.

Look at the person you are meeting and find distinguishing features, like long curly hair, large eyes, a small nose, curved ears, etc. Usually, the first feature you notice is the one that you will most probably recall later. This will help you anchor their name with a memory of the facial detail.

Ask yourself:

❓What is unique about their face?

❓What did I noticed first about their look?

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