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How to Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating

How to Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating

If your intuition is warning you that something feels off lately about your partner, it’s better to not ignore these feelings and pay attention to the unusual changes in their behavior. 5-Minute Crafts will tell you about several signs that could show that your partner is not being faithful to you.

❗ Keep in mind that there are no definitive signs of cheating. Even if you’ve noticed any of the following changes in your partner’s behavior mentioned below, it might not mean that they are unfaithful. However, these signs might be an indication that something is going wrong in your relationship.

1. They pay more attention to their appearance.

If your partner suddenly changed their attitude toward their appearance, this could mean that they’re trying to become more attractive to somebody else.

The possible signs of cheating are:

⭕ Starting to exercise and eat healthier

⭕ Wearing perfume

⭕ Getting a new haircut

⭕ Getting a lot of new clothes

⭕ Spending hours in front of the mirror

⭕ Wearing expensive or completely different clothes

⭕ Wearing makeup more often

⭕ Taking longer showers than usual

2. Their phone habits have changed.

If your partner has always been hooked to their phone and carries it everywhere, that’s totally okay. But if they’ve suddenly changed their habits when using their devices, this could mean that they’ve started talking to another person you’re not familiar with.

The possible signs of cheating are:

⭕ Being unreachable at certain times of the day

⭕ Changing their password and not sharing it with you

⭕ Always texting someone or having “work-related” phone calls

⭕ Clearing their browser history on your home computer

⭕ Being too secretive when using the phone or computer

⭕ Deleting texts on a daily basis

⭕ Taking their phone with them at all times, even to the bathroom

⭕ Not following you on social media

⭕ Not tagging you in photos on social media

⭕ Not texting you as often as they used to before

3. They have a different schedule.

If, before, you used to know where your partner was going to be after work or who they were going to dinner with and then things suddenly changed, something might be wrong with your relationship.

The possible signs of cheating are:

⭕ Suddenly having to work late

⭕ Going away on business trips

⭕ Spending extra time at the gym

⭕ Forgetting to pick up your kids from school

Asking you when you will and won’t be home

⭕ Suddenly developing new interests and hobbies

4. Their speaking habits have changed.

If you’re in a relationship for a long time, you probably know all about your partner’s manner of speaking and you 2 should be comfortable chatting together. But if your partner is being unfaithful, this could bring unusual changes to your discussions.

The possible signs of cheating are:

⭕ Pointing fingers at you and accusing you of cheating

Oversharing and talking too much

⭕ Rocking back and forth when talking to you (that might be a sign that they feel nervous)

⭕ Using the word “I” instead of “we” when talking about the future

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