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I Wonder If I’m Wrong for Not Disclosing I had Plastic Surgery to My Boyfriend

Many people don’t like the features they are born with. There can be situations where body parts can look different due to an accident, and people try to hide them whenever possible. From scars that might make them re-experience unwanted events to just plain genetics, many people undergo various beauty procedures for various reasons. Even though they will remain the same person after that, many people judge people by their looks.

We’ve found this Reddit story and wanted to share it with you.

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Here’s the story:

How to solve relationship problems

If you want your relationship to be happy, healthy, and long-lasting, you must figure out how to solve problems together. Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Communicate with your partner: Sometimes it can be difficult, but getting some things off your chest is essential. The conversation does not have to be hard for you to go to some cozy place and talk with your partner. Communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship.
  • Respect your partner’s feelings: When you and your partner argue, some harsh words might be used, but don’t react immediately. Listen to your partner and respect their feelings. Attempt to not be aggressive, and listen without passing judgment. Be patient, even though you may feel compelled to intervene when they offend you.
  • Don’t expect everything to go according to your plan: You may have planned something and want things to go accordingly, but other people may not share the same opinion. A good relationship is about letting some things go and conversing about missing something that improves your connection.
  • Listen: Pay attention to your partner. If you have done something wrong, admit it and say that you’re sorry. But be sincere and don’t do it just because it has to be done. Own up to your mistakes and try to make them right. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s more manageable when you discuss them and find a solution.
  • Be respectful during arguments: Everyone argues — it’s a part of being human. However, some people stay together for reasons that are detrimental to their emotional health. If the argument and the relationship become toxic, maybe it is time to go separate ways. Many partners stay together for an extended period and eventually annoy one other and have quarrels with one another. The couple may appear to be arguing over nothing, yet minor difficulties can escalate into major problems.

Should you tell anyone about your plastic surgery

There’s no definitive answer to that particular question. It depends on the person, but here are a few things that might help:

  • It’s your choice: Telling someone about your plastic surgery is entirely your choice. You should trust your instincts. There is nothing wrong if you don’t want to disclose that information. If they love you, plastic surgery shouldn’t be a problem.
  • There’s always a solution: If there’s an issue, consider finding someone else who has a problem. If you are pleased with the procedure, don’t let somebody else ruin it for you. Have second thoughts about whether they are a good partner for you or not.
  • It’s your body: Never allow anyone to make you feel terrible about having opted to receive some assistance in appearing your best.
  • Try to understand your partner: It might be beneficial to understand your spouse’s reasons for opposing a procedure. They may think plastic surgery is unnecessary, they might be concerned for your health, or there might be some personal reasons for not liking the surgery.

What would you do in a situation like this? Tell us in the comments.

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