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Telephone Etiquette, or How to Behave to Make Everyone Around You Angry

If you want to stress out and annoy all the people around you, you just have to follow the recommendations given in our article.

5-Minute Crafts would like to tell you about the basics of telephone etiquette in a funny manner.

Speak on the phone loudly in public places

Surprisingly, there are still people who choose to discuss their personal matters over the phone very loudly and thoroughly in public places, be it a store or a bus.

This is not only annoying to others, but also totally impolite. If there are other people around us, it’s worth treating them with respect and not keeping their ears busy with the peculiarities of our personal life.

Leave voice messages in a messenger

Indeed, there are situations when sending a voice message is the best idea. For example, if you do this regularly with another person or if your tone of voice is important.

However, keep in mind that someone will have to listen to these messages, and this is not always appropriate because you can’t know for sure whether they will be able to do it. If you send a text message, the person can glimpse at the topic and decide whether they need to react urgently or they can finish what they’re busy with first. A voice message, however, doesn’t provide this opportunity.

Peek into someone else’s phone

There is even a special term for those who like to spy on someone else’s correspondence — “shoulder surfing.” This is not always done with some kind of malicious intent. It’s usually just out of curiosity or boredom. However, you should be careful if you tend to peek into someone else’s phone in a public place.

Making video calls without warning

Remember this rule: Before making a video call, you need to warn the person that you are planning to call them. Send a message or make an appointment in advance, but don’t make sudden calls.

It’s better to warn the person in advance and give them time to get prepared.

Make your ringtone as loud as possible

Of course, no one can forbid you to use your favorite song as a ringtone. But at work or school, it’s worth setting your phone to silent mode, as people around you may not appreciate your musical taste.

Keep your phone on the table

Of course, you could keep your phone on the table during a meeting and be distracted by calls if the situation is unusual. For example, parenting, etiquette, and financial expert Brett Graff says, “If it rings, and you must answer it, explain to your companions that your child is home by him or herself or that you’re waiting for a huge business deal to close.”

Experts from Psychology Today magazine believe that by placing your phone on the table, you inadvertently distract the meeting participants from each other. Be polite and don’t make your friends fight with your phone for your attention.

Continuing to text in work meetings

Using your phone in work meetings is not a good idea for many reasons. First of all, it’s impolite for your colleagues. Second, it can affect your business reputation, especially if you are the boss. Again, if you are waiting for an urgent call, let your colleagues know in advance and leave the meeting room during the call.

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