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What Is Ghosting and How to Overcome It

Ghosting is a phenomenon of the modern era that, according to studies, more and more people have experienced and it can bring negative consequences in those who are victims of it.

5-Minute crafts will explain what it is, along with 8 tips on how to overcome it.

What is ghosting

Ghosting, or abruptly disappearing from the life of another person, whether it is a partner, a friend, or a co-worker, is a phenomenon that has grown with the rise of social networks, which have made it easier to lose contact with a person just by blocking them.

People practice it either out of fear, to avoid conflicts, or out of self-care, but it is a situation that can generate negative feelings toward the other person, just like the breakdown of any relationship.

How to know if you’ve been ghosted

  • Some people stop using social media for periods of time or don’t respond immediately, but if the person was responding to you frequently and then suddenly stopped, that could be a sign.
  • If you had a conversation that turned out negatively or you showed some feelings that were not reciprocated, it could be a sign.
  • If the person moved, started a new job, or is going through a bereavement, he or she may be taking a temporary distance. But if it’s been a considerable amount of time, you could be in a ghosting situation.

How to overcome ghosting

1. Evaluate the type of bond you established: It’s important that you evaluate what type of bond you had established with the other person. Keep in mind that with today’s technology, it’s easy to confuse a friendship with a love relationship, and if this was the case, you shouldn’t feel guilty about what happened.

2. Limit the waiting time: If the other person has not communicated with you, you can send them a message asking them to communicate or you will assume that you have ended your relationship. This will help you feel that you are giving them closure and thus restore your feelings.

3. Face your feelings: It is important to be realistic about how you are feeling at the moment. Just give yourself time to process your emotions. Also, be aware of elements in your life that can manipulate how you feel.

4. Avoid blaming yourself for what happened: Reflect on whether you did something that hurt the other person, but if there is no clear reason why he or she disappeared from your life, guilt can worsen what you feel at the moment and this is when you should avoid it.

5. Transform your negative thoughts: Focusing on the anger produced by the situation you are living can cause you to have obsessive thoughts. Transform this negativity, that way you won’t waste time and you’ll be able to get out of this situation faster.

6. Give yourself the importance you deserve: If a person has ghosted you, in the face of uncertainty you can fall into pessimism, so it is important for you to realize that even though the other person wanted to lose contact with you, you have to give yourself the self-worth and respect you deserve.

7. Share your feelings with friends and family: Sharing your circumstances with friends and family generates positive feelings, which can help you shake that ghosting sensation. The company of loved ones puts the negative feelings you are going through into perspective.

8. Get professional help: If you notice that the feelings of frustration and pain aren’t going away over time, you can seek professional help from a therapist or psychologist. This can help provide you with coping strategies to help you overcome this situation.

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