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What Your Baby Should Be Saying

What Your Baby Should Be Saying

Babies can start babbling as early as 6 months of age, and soon after, they might start recognizing their own name. This, like other milestones, is a big part of your newborn’s development. We at 5-Minute Crafts will guide you through what they may or may not say throughout the years that follow.

  • Watches your face as you talk
  • Starts cooing
  • Babbles (ba-ba, da-da)
  • Able to recognize their own name
  • Changes their tone of voice to show if they’re happy or upset
  • Uses a wider range of sounds and tones of voice
  • Begins to understand gestures (pointing and grunting)
  • Might say their first word (mama, dada, doggy)
  • Starts to answer simple questions (without words)
  • Might have a vocabulary of up to 6 words
  • Tries to imitate simpler words
  • Says several simple words
  • Can point to people, objects, and even body parts
  • Repeats words but can miss either the ending or beginning
  • Might understand several words
  • Starts referring to themselves by name
  • Puts 2 words together (for example: mama car)
  • Able to use consonants
  • Describes uses of objects
  • Uses verbs that end in “ing” (talking, swimming)
  • Can repeat sentences
  • May answer simple questions
  • Knows how to speak with a rhythm
  • Can use 8 words or more in a sentence
  • May describe objects
  • Might use their imagination to come up with stories
  • Engages in conversation with others
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