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Why We Laugh

We laugh even before we start to speak, but the science beyond it is still uncertain. Nevertheless, 5-Minute Crafts will now tell you a few reasons why researchers think we laugh.

We laugh as a way of talking.

Our ancestors were laughing before they even had a language. Laughter could’ve been a way of sending the message that “everything is okay” when words didn’t exist. Today, we still use laughter to let people know we like them and that we’re friendly.

It is a replacement for the act of grooming each other.

Laughter could be as meaningful as an act of grooming each other. Grooming requires trust and an investment of time and it bonds the groomer and the groomee as friends — it is a behavior seen in primates. Laughter is a genius alternative, as it can be done to a large group and it gives an immediate impression of camaraderie.

We laugh to relieve our stress.

Laughter induces physical changes to our bodies. It increases our oxygen intake, stimulates our lungs and muscles, and releases endorphins in our brains. It results in an overall stress relief and gives us the feeling of relaxation.

Laughing helps us stay mentally healthy.

Laughing not only relieves our physical symptoms of stress, but it also helps us stay mentally healthy. It relieves psychological stress, improves our mood, adds joy to our life, and strengthens our resilience.

We laugh as a way of survival.

Laughter promotes cooperation which is a key point for human survival. Laughter increases our survival odds by expanding our social bonds.

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