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10 New Smart and Useful Gadgets Everyone Should Know About

Amazon is full of gadgets that can make our lives easier. Some of them can help us fall asleep and wake up, while others can help us do household chores or improve various experiences. To discover some gadgets that everyone should know about, continue reading this useful 5-Minute Crafts guide.

1. A sleep mask with headphones for blocking light and easy falling asleep

If you struggle to fall asleep at night, LC-dolida’s sleep mask with headphones may be just what you need. The mask comes in 5 colors and fits the nose area well, preventing light from penetrating and disturbing your sleep or naptime without exerting pressure on your face. Moreover, the material is skin-friendly and breathable, keeping you comfortable. Next, the headphones boast the latest Bluetooth tech and speakers, so you can connect the product with any smartphone or Bluetooth device up to 33 feet (10 meters) away. And besides providing you with undisturbed sleep and your favorite music, you’ll benefit from a 12-month warranty after purchase.

Review: “Actually genuinely obsessed with this! I work nights and struggle with outside noise, I like to listen to audiobooks or music while I sleep but can’t get comfortable with headphones, this has been a blessing! The charge lasts a good 10/12 hours too. It’s very comfortable and allows you to move freely without constantly having to adjust it. 10/10 recommend!” Rachel Daly

2. Shiatsu back neck massager for a quick massage on the go

The ergonomic Alljoy back-neck Shiatsu massager is the perfect gadget for relieving pain and muscle tension. Featuring a “U” design and black and blue versions, it has 8 deep tissue kneading modes, 3 speeds, an auto-off timer, and overheat protection. Regarding heat, massage rollers warm your body and improve blood circulation, relaxing muscles in the process. Moreover, the item comes with a lightweight bag and is easy to carry, so you can have it on hand during a trip, while at the office, and everywhere else.

Review: “Love it! Releases tension in overworked muscles where specific muscle groups can be targeted to ease muscle spasms and pain. Stress is alleviated as blood can flow freely into the muscles for effective repair and rejuvenation.” Kate

3. Phone magnifier screen for watching videos and images without eye strain

How many times have you watched a video clip or an image on your smartphone without having your head hurt afterward? Well, you can put an end to this by securing Hopeful’s phone magnifier screen that will zoom in on your phone between 5 and 8 times. Plus, this useful gadget is foldable, weighs only 318 grams, and measures 22 cm x 13 cm x 0.2 cm, so you can take it anywhere with you. And it doesn’t even require a battery to work.

Review: “Bought for my son who is always watching YouTube videos on his phone, laying on his bed. Was worried about eye strain with such a small screen. This has been great, he uses it all the time now.” lian

4. Bedside wireless charging radio alarm clock for stress-free waking up

This versatile radio alarm clock combines a few welcoming functions you need by your bed. First, you can set a 5-level dimmable LED display to prevent bright light from startling you at night. Second, you can set your favorite tune from Spotify or schedule an FM station to wake you up in the morning. Plus, you can charge your smartphone wirelessly by placing it on this item. Finally, the 12-month warranty and return policy ensure you have a hassle-free purchase and experience.

Review: “I bought this to replace an older style radio alarm clock. It is easy to set up, a nice neat smaller unit than the previous one with the added bonus of a wireless charge point for an iPhone 8 (or later model). If you have an earlier iPhone you will need to purchase an adaptor (still wireless) but it plugs into the charge port of the phone instead of the lead when charging. The radio has a good sound quality, the illuminated clock can be dimmed on several settings or completely off. I’m extremely pleased with the unit.” brian groves

5. Smart reusable notebook for writing, saving, and erasing data over and over again

This smart reusable notebook by Rocketbook is an environment-friendly gadget everyone should know about. The item has 36 A5-format or 32 A4-format pages — depending on your choice — you can use to write with a Pilot Frixion pen and erase texts all over again. Of course, this handy item allows you to upload and transcribe your writing to GoogleDocs, emails, Dropbox, and elsewhere before erasing them. And once you secure your mail, instructions, or novels, simply wipe the pages with a damp cloth to get them ready for the next use.

Review: “Great product, reads handwriting well and OCR functionality is excellent. Wipes away perfectly and impeccably sends to the correct destination. Uploading tasks add an element of fun. 100% recommend, a perfect way to keep track of notes.” Niall Flack

6. Electric potato peeler for easy vegetable and fruit peeling

The electric potato peeler by Aisaving can help you prepare fruits and vegetables for eating or further processing, hassle-free. Its movable needle, peeler arm, and bottom holder fix and peel the content in seconds. And the appliance preserves the nutritious part of the fruit and vegetable by paring only the skin, leaving everything else intact. Finally, you can power the peeler with a 6V adapter charger or 4 AA batteries.

Review: “This is so much better than hand peeling. Even if this were to break after 3 or 4 months I would buy another one and still count it as money well spent. Still using the first blade and haven’t had to change it. Have done potatoes and mangoes and both get peeled very well, even when it hits a bit it can’t cut through it’ll still do 80% of the peeling and you can have the next one peeling while you tidy that one up. Prep is so much faster.” Aileen B

7. Robot vacuum cleaner ideal for seamless vacuuming and mopping

If cleaning your hard floors or low-pile carpets takes you a lot of time and energy, then leave this job to the specialized Ecovacs robot vacuum cleaner. And you can choose between Eco, Max, and Max+ cleaning modes. What’s more, this handy gadget has a water tank, so it mops the floor in addition to vacuuming it. Furthermore, the robot cleaner navigates its way around to avoid repeating and it detects missed areas when working in the “hard floor” mode with the mopping plate attached. Lastly, you can control this cleaning assistant with Ecovacs Home App.

Review: “We have 3 cats, so we’re always looking for something that can give us an edge in the fight against fur, particularly downstairs, where the cats spend most of their time. This little robot is just the best! When I first got it I ran it right away with the small amount of charge it comes with, and while it only ran for about 30 minutes on ‘standard’ suction, it managed to fill up most of its container with hair!” Sinerider

8. Universal travel adaptor with 4 plugs for charging your devices wherever you go

If you travel throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia often, charging your personal gadgets tends to become a challenge because of different plugs and voltage. And with the LENCENT USB charger plug, those troubles are a matter of the past. This device has 4 ports you can use to charge 4 different appliances simultaneously with a maximum current of up to 2.4 A (total 22W/4.4A). Furthermore, you receive 4 different adaptors you can use in various locations throughout the world with it. Finally, the charger plug boasts safety protection that keeps your devices from over-charging, over-voltage, short circuits, etc.

Review: “I was in need of a charger for upcoming holidays throughout Europe and the USA.
This charger seemed to meet all my needs especially to charge the latest TomTom GPS units [Go Discover] that require a higher rate of charge than most. It’s a compact charger that comes with plug combinations that meet my needs fully and are simple to change from one electrical plug to another.
It’s met my requirements so far and I have no reason to believe it will not do so when abroad.
Comes highly recommended.” Mr. Elton V. Thomas

9. Smart watch for fitness and activity tracking, sleep quality monitoring, and more

This versatile smartwatch is an ideal appliance for everyone wishing to know exactly how their body behaves during various activities. For example, you can monitor your heart rate when running, cycling, playing basketball, or some other sport. Also, you can count how many steps you made or calories burnt during a stroll, among other things. The smartwatch is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if rain catches up with you. Last but not least, it needs only 1.5 hours of charging for up to 7 days of use.

Review: “The battery life is so long, I charge it after 3-4 days. The screen is smooth, it gets installed and connected to my iPhone easily. Will recommend this. :)” Francis Yang

10. Coffee mug warmer for having your favorite drink stay warm for longer

How many times have you prepared a coffee or another hot drink only to have something prevent you from drinking until it cools down? Well, your troubles end with Yurnero’s coffee mug warmer, which is easy to use. This useful Amazon Choice gadget keeps your drinks warm for a prolonged time, whether it’s coffee, hot chocolate or cocoa, or something else. You can choose to warm up the beverage by touching the button once or keep its temperature between 104°F and 140°F (40℃ and 60℃) by touching it twice. And the mug warmer is portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Review: “The power switch at the front of the top is superb and is flush and touch-sensitive, requiring no pressure to activate. Each touch scrolls through high temp (red) > low temp (blue) > off (off) and back again. The unit also shuts off automatically after 8 hours, which is a nice safety feature. I left a cup of coffee on this for over an hour and when I tested it the coffee was at a perfect drinking temperature. I’m not sure I’ll ever use the low temp setting but it’s nice to have.” Peter Williams

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