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7 Important Rules for Riding an Electric Scooter

Over the last few years, electric scooters have become very popular. And it’s no wonder — they’re convenient, environmentally-friendly, and really enjoyable. But just like with any other vehicle, you should follow safety guidelines when riding a scooter.

5-Minute Crafts put together 7 simple rules for riding an electric scooter. They will help you stay safe yourself and keep others safe around you.

1. Wear a helmet.

Wearing a helmet is one of the most important safety measures. Even if you’re an experienced rider, you are still in a more vulnerable position compared to car drivers: in an accident, scooter users are more likely to be injured. A helmet will help you protect yourself from serious injuries like a concussion.

In addition to a helmet, it’s recommended that you wear athletic shoes, keep the laces tied, and your feet away from the wheels, motor, and drive system. Also, don’t ride barefoot or in sandals. This can increase the likelihood of injury.

2. Use bike lanes.

Use a bike lane whenever possible. The sidewalk and the road are not good choices, because of people walking on the sidewalk, and buses and cars driving on the road.

Despite its name, a bike lane is intended not only for bicycles, but also for alternative methods of transportation. More and more cities are being equipped with separate sections of the road for them in order to make traffic safer and less stressful for all parties involved.

3. Obey traffic laws.

Despite the fact that you are riding a scooter and not a car, you are obligated to follow the same traffic rules as the owners of other vehicles. For example:

  • obeying all traffic signs
  • adhering to speed limits on certain streets and sections of the road
  • giving way to pedestrians

4. Be attentive.

Riding a scooter is so fun that it’s easy to get distracted and forget that you are actually riding on a busy road. For safety reasons, it’s worth staying vigilant and carefully monitoring what is going on around you.

It’s also a good idea to not wear earphones. This will help you to react, in a timely manner, to sudden situations that regularly occur on the road. Of course, it’s more fun to listen to your favorite songs than to the noise of cars, but your own safety should be a priority.

Put your phone down too. Keep it in a safe place so you don’t accidentally drop it on the road. While riding, don’t take selfies, text, or talk on the phone. An accident can literally happen in a matter of seconds, so you should always stay alert, and if you receive a call, stop the scooter in a safe place and only then answer the call.

5. Be careful in bad weather.

Scooters are not very stable on a slippery road, as they are designed to ride on flat and dry surfaces. Wet, icy, or rough surfaces can impair traction and cause an accident. Therefore, in bad weather, choose other modes of transportation whenever possible. However, if you are suddenly caught in a heavy downpour or it’s so cold outside that the roads are icy, just try to take your time and ride the scooter as carefully and slowly as possible.

6. Keep both hands on the handlebars.

Although it may look cool to operate an electric scooter with one hand, it will be much more difficult to retain control of the scooter if something unexpected happens. A sudden pothole on the road is enough to make you lose balance, fall, and get injured. Therefore, keep both hands on the handlebars for your own safety. It’s also important to monitor the condition of the road and avoid pits, potholes, curbs, and other uneven surfaces that can make you lose control of the scooter.

7. Ride alone.

The idea of riding a scooter with a friend sounds pretty fun, but it’s quite dangerous, because there is a high probability that you’ll lose your balance and fall. Many scooters are designed for only one rider. If there are several family members or friends who want to ride, it’s better to take turns using the scooter or think about purchasing another vehicle.

In addition, don’t allow anyone to jump on the scooter from the front or back while you are riding it.

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