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8 Fun Pens That Can Start a Conversation at the Office

Some pens are functional, helping you to write nicely, while others are made to impress everyone. And whether you’re after the former or the latter, 5-Minute Crafts has compiled a list of 8 fun pens that meet both requirements and can start a conversation at your office. Okay, one of these may not be for writing, but it’s sure to raise some eyebrows nonetheless.

1. Scriveiner silver chrome fountain pen — designed to impress

If you’re after a stylish gift that exudes luxury and has a high practical value, you can’t go wrong with this Scriveiner fountain pen. It features silver and brass with a 24-karat gold finish. Plus, the nib —which could be anywhere from extra-fine to broad, depending on your choice — boasts 18-karat gold gilding. And as a bonus, the Scriveiner silver chrome fountain pen comes in an eye-pleasing presentation box. Finally, the weight and balance are well-matched, so the user will enjoy writing with this pen.

Review: “This is a superb writing implement. Very smooth medium nib and beautifully manufactured. Very beautiful pen aesthetically. The pen becomes a little ’top heavy’ when posted, however, it is weighed perfectly and is a joy to write with unposted.” mourneview

2. Bastion stainless steel bolt action pen for a lifetime of quality

The Bastion is a robust, long-lasting stainless steel pen designed for everyday use. Made of 100% stainless steel, it has a retractable point you can bring out or in with a single push. Plus, a touch of luxury is sure to make this pen stand out among others in your office and, thus, draw glances. Of course, you would enjoy smooth writing thanks to the pen’s balance. Lastly, it comes in an elegant black presentation box in case you decide to give it to someone as a gift.

Review: “Been writing with this for several weeks now and am very pleased with it. Really sturdy build and feels substantial and heavy. It’s so finely machined it’s impossible to see the joint between the 2 halves which adds to the svelte nature of the pen. I really like its understated elegance.” John

3. KEYZOR black and gold pen for premium elegance

The KEYZOR rollerball pen combines long durability, utmost elegance, and comfortable writing, making it a great fit for everyday use. Featuring a black color with a 24-karat gold finish, the pen boasts a fine SCHMIDT point capable of smooth writing without leaving blots or any stains behind. Plus, the balance and weight are second to none, making the pen ideal for prolonged writing. Lastly, you receive this item in a handmade presentation box, accompanied by a spare refill.

Review: “This was bought for a present and was very well received, I wrote a sentence with it and it was one of the best pens I’ve written with, I almost kept it for myself.” jackie kirk

4. Waterman deluxe rollerball pen for a stylish gift

The Waterman deluxe rollerball pen is another name for graceful writing. The product features a blue gloss body, a chiseled cap, and a broad point. And it’s made in France. Furthermore, an elegant dark-blue Waterman gift box accompanies this signature pen, making it an ideal present for any writer or author.

Review: “Bought as a gift for a friend who loved the color and thickness of the pen. The pen looks good and is good quality.” LT

5. Scriveiner black lacquer ballpoint pen for smooth writing

This Scriveiner black brass ballpoint pen with a 24-karat gold finish is an ideal option for everyday writing and impressing others. You’ll find it ideally weighted and balanced, and its German Schmidt refill will make you write without effort on any paper type. As for the pen’s looks, British designers in London have taken care of the timeless design of this well-known brand. And you can present it to your friend or colleague in a black gift box with golden letters denoting the brand if you don’t buy it for yourself.

Review: “Pen has a nice feel and a nice weight. Classy pen for the discerning businessman or pen enthusiast.” John Olin

6. Dryden Designs fountain pen for graceful writing

If calligraphy is your passion, then look no further from the stainless-steel Dryden Designs fountain pen. The item has a medium nib and a modern design featuring a predominantly emerald green body. Furthermore, the pen is well balanced, and you won’t have to press down hard to begin writing, nor deal with leakages in the process. And it’s compatible with bottled ink and the standard cartridge, 24 of which accompany the pen when you buy it. In case you opt for bottled ink though, you can use a pump to refill the Dryden Designs fountain pen.

Review: “I received the pen, I was impressed by the entire metal body and the etched name. It was better than some of the more well-known expensive brands I had bought from. When I went to write with it, another surprise happened — it came through consistently with pretty much no skipping so I am impressed with this pen.” SilvAngel

7. Vormor X5 pen with scanning for translating up to 112 languages

If you work as a translator, the Vormor X5 pen will be your irreplaceable assistant. In short, it can help you translate up to 112 languages by scanning the text, or you can use it as a voice recorder. Furthermore, after completing the translation, you can transfer the work to your computer. And you don’t need internet access to get the job done because the translation pen works offline too. Finally, don’t worry about accents since the device supports various multinational accents.

8. Stika.co contour promotional pen for custom prints

To customize your own pen, stika.co promotional pens do the job quite nicely. These pens are made of plastic, yet you can order a print and send whatever message you see fit since it has a large printable area. And when it comes to writing, the product uses black ink. Finally, you can choose between black and white, green and white, orange and white, and entirely white alternatives, depending on your preference.

Review: “I bought these personalized pens for members of our pensioners’ club as an extra to go with their Christmas gifts. What I do like about these pens is that the print is engraved, which is better than just printing it on the surface. I ordered them in the afternoon and they were posted the next morning, amazing service.” Peter C750

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