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A Guide to the Top Smart Home Products

smart home is a setup created by wirelessly managing innovative items, such as appliances and devices, connected to a network over Wi-Fi and controlled from anywhere, anytime, using an app on your phone or other networked devices. It allows the user to remotely control functions such as security access to the home, temperature, lighting, and a home theater.

In this article, 5-Minute Crafts picked and examined some widely preferred smart home products for you to check out.

1. Smart control hub

It is handy to have a control hub that works as the primary operator of your home, controlling other home products. For example, the door and window sensors turn on the lights as soon as you get home. Or, the alarm goes off on both your phone and the system when the doors are opened from outside. It’s a lifesaver, especially if your pet leaves the house or someone approaches your room; your control hub will inform you.

2. Smart lock and smart door-bell

Smart locks allow us to access our homes or offices via a virtual key. This key can be sent to the receiving smartphone. Smart locks may work with a doorbell to allow the user to see who is at the door and when.

3. Smart socket or plug

One of the handiest products in our homes is the smart socket. It enables us to turn on and off our electrical devices and control the sockets and plugs in our homes via phones.

4. Smart smoke alarm

Smoke alarms are probably one of the must-haves in our homes, enhancing our safety. Thanks to the smart ones, it’s now possible to receive real-time alerts on your phone when excessive heat or smoke is on your premises.

5. Smart home security camera

Imagine monitoring who is coming in or going out of your house and controlling your alarms and cameras with your smartphone. It is practical to be able to install them wherever you want. The camera, which has a high-quality shot, starts recordings soon as it detects movement in the place during the day. Then, it sends video notifications to your phone.

6. Smart thermostat

We need a thermostat in our homes whenever we use electrical appliances for heating or cooling. For instance, we can manually keep the temperature constant in ovens thanks to a thermostat. Yet, if you’re using a smart thermostat, you don’t need to do it manually. You can control all of your temperature-based appliances remotely over Wi-Fi via your smartphone.

7. Smart lighting and bulbs

Smart lighting adds convenience and comfort to homes and helps control energy consumption. They are Wi-Fi-enabled LED bulbs that control the brightness level of the bulb. It’s such a comfort that you can control lighting when you aren’t home or optimize the brightness according to your liking via a tap or click.

8. Smart curtains and blinds

If you have tall or hard-to-reach windows, smart curtains and motorized blinds come in handy. They can act on a cordless mechanism to open or close remotely by voice commands or a smartphone. They can help save energy and boost home security, too.

9. Smart vacuum cleaner

You can pair your robot vacuum cleaner with your phone. As soon as your new household friend arrives to your home, it immediately starts to scan its new place and draws a map of the whole house after traveling everywhere. Because it has a sensor it can avoid the objects that are not included on the map. Also, you don’t even need to charge the robot, and it goes to the charging station by itself.

10. Smart television and Android TV box

smart television adds pleasure to our daily lives that we can easily manage with our smartphones, run our social media apps, follow our TV series or movies, browse the internet, play games, etc. It can be controlled with both voice commands and remotely with assistant support. Thanks to Android TV boxes, it’s possible to access Netflix, Spotify, and hundreds of other apps and games on traditional televisions.

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