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Feel Safe: Security Devices Currently on Sale on Amazon

Your home is a place where you should feel relaxed and safe. Unfortunately, sometimes break-ins and burglaries can occur, which can leave us with our property damaged but also fearing that maybe this can happen again. Fortunately, there is a way how you can fix this.

5-Minute Crafts made a list of security devices that are currently on sale so you can equip your house and other possessions so you can feel protected and cozy.

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1. Motion sensor alarm

Buy the motion sensor alarm here.

This device uses a passive infrared system so it can detect heat and movement. You will be quickly alerted as the sensor has a loud alarm and it detects movement in the range of 16-26ft/5-8m. The motion sensor is simple to install and easy to use.

2. Security timer

Buy a security timer here.

It’s a very useful device to have at home as it can control the lights and turn them on automatically in a random pattern. This will make your home look occupied when you are not there.

3. Full HD car camera

Buy the Full HD car camera here.

This camera can capture any incidents that can happen to your car and it is easy to install and operate. It provides detailed images and videos in high resolution.

4. Baby monitor and indoor camera

Buy the baby monitor and indoor camera here.

This baby monitor allows you to see clear images during the day and at night. It has a microphone and a speaker, so you can hear your baby but also transmit your voice to help the little one fall asleep if you are not there.

5. Self defense security keyring

Buy a self defense security keyring here.

This is a very helpful device to have around, especially for women, children, and elderly people. When threatened, the user can just activate the siren that is loud and can be heard from a distance and draw the attention of the people.

6. Waterproof outdoor camera

Buy the waterproof outdoor camera here.

These cameras are equipped with an aluminum outer layer that can protect the inside parts from moisture and the parts from corrosion. It supports cable connection as well as WiFi and has an adjustable sensitivity that can set off motion alarms.

7. Solar-powered security camera

Buy the solar-powered security camera here.

It is a wireless device that has a built-in, rechargeable battery. Since it works by solar panel, you won’t have to think about recharging it. The solar panel needs 3-days of direct sunlight for it can work daily for one month. The camera works with 2.4GHz WiFi, offering a wireless connection.

8. Mini smart security camera

Buy the mini smart security camera here.

It can work with any wifi router so it doesn’t need a separate hub. This camera has a night vision, a microphone, and a speaker with a motion detector. You will be notified (on your phone) as soon as movement is detected.

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