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How to Change Your Username on Twitter

Changing your username on social media can be the breath of fresh air you were looking for. Perhaps you made a mistake when you first made the account. Or maybe you’ve just grown too tired of your old one. Whatever the reason might be, 5-Minute Crafts will show you the steps to do this on Twitter.

Step 1: Go to “profile.”

Step 2: Click “Settings and privacy.”

Step 3: Tap “Your account.”

Step 4: Select “Account information.”

Step 5: Click on “Username.”

Step 6: Change your username.

  • Before your username changes, you’ll need to confirm it by clicking “Continue” on the pop-up window.


Bonus: the difference between “username” and “display name”

username on Twitter will always begin with an “@” symbol. It’s unique, and it’s what you use to log into your account. It’s also what people use when they want to search for your account.

A display name, however, is just how someone identifies themselves on the network. You’re able to change it whenever you like by simply going to “Profile” and clicking “Edit profile.”

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