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4 Steps to Charging Your Phone Faster

Sometimes, our phone battery dies at the worst possible moment, and you need to bring your phone back to life as fast as you can. While it’s impossible to completely recharge your phone in just a couple of minutes, 5-Minute Crafts knows effective ways to speed up the process and make your battery last longer.

Step 1. Keep your phone at room temperature.

  • Don’t let your phone overheat when you’re charging it. For example, your phone will charge slower if you put it on a sunny windowsill. Of course, low temperatures aren’t good for your phone either. So try to find a place that is room temperature to charge your phone.
  • Remove the case from your phone to protect your battery from heat. While your phone is charging, heat accumulates. And if there’s a phone case on your device, the heat can’t escape and harms the battery.

Step 2. Don’t use your phone.

  • If possible, turn off your phone completely while you’re charging it. This way, your device won’t spend any energy at all.
  • If you can’t switch off your phone, put it on Airplane Mode. This disconnects all the communication channels and saves energy. If you need to use the internet, connect to Wi-Fi, and not to your mobile network, because it’s more energy-efficient.
  • If you can’t leave your phone alone, switch off the unnecessary features like geolocation, and apps that you don’t need at the moment. Also, adjust the brightness of your screen, making it darker. This way, you’ll also save some energy.

Step 3. Use an ordinary power socket.

  • Use a wall socket to charge your phone. Charging your phone with help of a USB cable in a car or through laptops is also possible, but using wall sockets is more efficient and the speed of charging will be quicker.
  • To get the best result and prevent damage to your device and the battery, use the original, manufacturer-approved phone charger.

Step 4. Use a fast charger in emergency situations.

  • Find out if there are any fast chargers that are compatible with your phone. These chargers help speed up the charging process by several times. But it’s better to not overuse them, because they may reduce the life span of your phone battery.

Note: Don’t forget to take good care of your battery.

  • Don’t constantly charge your phone. It’s better to let your battery go under 20% before you start charging it again.
  • Don’t let your battery die completely — try to charge your phone while there’s at least 5% left.
  • Don’t let your phone charge 100% so you don’t wear out the battery too quickly, since there’s only a certain number of charging cycles a battery can take.
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