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5 Ways to Fold Wired Earphones

In 2007, physicists from the University of California proved that if you shake wires in a closed box, they can form complex knots after just a few seconds. The same thing happens to wired earphones in our pockets. In order to avoid untangling those labyrinths of cords every time, we should probably learn how to store them correctly.

5-Minute Crafts found several methods for how to keep your wired earphones untangled.

Wrap the wires around your palm

How to do it:

1. Place the earphones between your left thumb and index finger so that they are in the palm of your hand.

2. Roll up the wire around the palm with even, but not too tight, rows.

3. When there are about 8 inches left to the end of the wire, gently remove it from your palm and roll up the end of the wire around the bundle that you got.

4. Hide the jack inside the bundle so that the cord on that end doesn’t bend.

Wrap the wire around 2 fingers in the rock n’ roll position

How to do it:

1. Put the fingers of your left hand in the rock n’ roll position: bend the thumb, middle, and ring fingers, keeping the index finger and the pinky finger straight.

2. Grip the buds of the earphones under the bent fingers and start to wrap the cord in a figure-8 shape around the straight fingers. To do this, first put the cord over your index finger, then under the pinky, wrap it around the pinky and then move it under the index finger. Repeat the action several times until it’s almost wound up.

3. When there are only 6-8 inches left until the end of the wire, make several wrapping movements in the place where the wires cross. Accurately place the jack inside the bundle.

Storing earphones with the help of a plastic card

You’ll need: a spare plastic card

How to do it:

1. Place the card in front of you with its narrow side facing you. Slightly bend both buds behind it and start to wrap the cord around the card.

2. Hide the jack inside the bundle. It will secure the wires on the card and prevent them from untangling.

A life hack: You can make several extra small cuts on an old card so that the wires are secured better.

Using a binder clip

You’ll need: a medium-sized binder clip

How to do it:

1. Place the earbuds inside the binder clip.

2. Tightly wrap the cord around the metal levers.

3. Secure the jack by putting it through the “ears” of the binder clip.

Rolling it up in a circle

You’ll need a ponytail holder or a small wire.

1. Making a few wraps, roll the earbuds’ wire in a circle.

2. Press the bundle that you get in the middle and secure it with a ponytail holder.

Another option: it’s easier to secure stiffer cables with the help of a metal wire, a paper clip, or a piece of tape.

Bonus: Use a small card.

  • You’ll need to cut 2 small holes, one inch inward, at both ends of the card.
  • Then, with scissors, make 2 small cuts that go from the hole to the very end (do not cut the middle part of the card, it needs to stay intact).
  • Lastly, simply wrap your earphones around the card, and hold them in place by hooking them to the holes.
Please note: This article was updated in October 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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