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How to Make Your iPhone’s Battery Last Longer

Sometimes we find ourselves looking for a bit of extra battery on our phone. Since this happens more than we’d like it to, 5-Minute Crafts has a few things that you can do to make it last longer.

1. Turn on the battery saving mode.

  • Open “settings.”
  • Then click on “battery” and turn on “Low Power Mode.”

Note: Your iPhone will also ask if you want to turn it to “Low Power Mode” once it hits 20% battery, and again when it hits 10% battery.

2. Don’t constantly close your apps.

  • Closing your apps constantly is counterproductive, as your phone spends more battery power re-opening apps instead of leaving them running in the background.

3. Enable airplane mode.

4. Adjust your screen’s brightness.

  • Open “settings.”
  • Afterward, go to “Display & Brightness” and adjust the brightness.

Note: Alternatively, you can open the iPhone’s “control center” and do it there.

5. Turn the Wi-Fi off.

  • Open “settings.”
  • Then click on “Wi-Fi” and turn it off.

6. Turn the Bluetooth off.

  • Open “settings.”
  • Afterward, click on “Bluetooth” and turn it off.

7. Turn off your location services.

  • Open “settings.”
  • Then click on “privacy.”
  • Lastly, click on “location services” and turn it off.
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