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How to Transform Your House Into a Smart Home

The technology of the future is getting so close that sometimes we don’t realize that it’s already part of the present. Who could’ve imagined years ago that one day we would be able to turn on the light or raise the room temperature by simply saying a sentence out loud? But that and more is possible today thanks to smart devices.

At 5-Minute Crafts, we want to tell you about the interesting devices that make up a smart home, how to use them, and what they are for.

What a smart home is

A house is considered a smart home when it has built-in technological devices that allow us to manipulate different systems, such as security, energy supply, and communications, in order to optimize their operation, thus making our life more comfortable and efficient.

After installing the devices mentioned below, they can be used, linked, and managed through smart speakers and phone applications.

Smart light bulb

  • Smart light bulb: By installing this type of bulb, you can increase or decrease the lighting in your home, turn the light on or off by simply saying the phrase, “Turn on/off lights,” or simply pressing a button on your phone, wherever you are.

Smart thermostat

  • Smart thermostat: This type of device allows you to regulate the room temperature by voice or even remotely from your phone. This last option is especially useful in case you leave home and have forgotten to turn off the air conditioning.

Smart plug

  • Smart plug: Thanks to these plugs, you can turn on or off appliances that are connected directly to the current. They allow you to see how much electricity your appliances use, which can be very helpful if you want to be more mindful of the energy you use.

Smart switch

  • Smart switches: Another option to have smart lighting in the home without having smart light bulbs is to install these switches. They also allow you to manipulate the lights remotely and give you the possibility to analyze energy consumption.

Smart lock

  • Smart lock: Home doors can also be modernized. By installing this type of lock, you can manage the opening of the door remotely, control access to your home, and even allow entry to third parties by opening the door from your cell phone.

Robotic vacuum cleaner

  • Robotic vacuum cleaner: This is also an innovative device with which many people are already familiar. It would fit perfectly into the concept of a smart home, as several models can be activated remotely and are equipped with laser sensors so that it can perform its operation autonomously.

Smart scale

  • Smart scale: Some might think, “What could be smart about a scale?” But the reality is that this measuring device has every right to be part of a smart home. Unlike a regular scale, this one is able to gather much more information besides weight and pass it to a cell phone to keep the user as informed as possible.

Smart security camera

  • Smart security cameras: The main aspect that gives these cameras “intelligence” is that they are wireless, stay connected to the cloud, and can be programmed for different uses (e.g., they can start recording as soon as they pick up movement).
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