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How to Write Roman Numerals With the Help of Your Keyboard

Roman numerals are numerals that were used in Ancient Rome for writing down natural numbers. In the modern world, they are often used for indicating monarchs’ names, hour markers on clocks, the numbering of centuries, book volumes, acts in a play, and regularly occurring major events, such as the Summer or Winter Olympics.

5-Minute Crafts is showing you how to type Roman numerals with the help of a keyboard. We will also share a table that will help you convert Arabic numerals into Roman numerals.

Step 1. Make sure you use the English letter layout on the keyboard.

Step 2. Find the Roman numeral that you need from the table below.

Step 3. Type it using the letters of the English alphabet. For example, in order to write down number XVIII, which corresponds to Arabic number 18, sequentially type the Latin letters X, V, and I in uppercase. Type the last letter 3 times.

Step 4. Remember the basic rules for writing numbers in Roman numeral form:

  • Most numerals are written down by repeating the numbers. For example, in order to write down number 28, you need to split it into numbers 10, 10, 5, 1, 1, and 1. After that, you can write them down with letters without adding other signs and without spaces, as XXVIII.

  • Numbers can repeat but not more than 3 times in a row, like in VIII (8) or XXXI (31).

  • If a bigger number comes before a smaller one, they are summarized. For example, the numbers X and V (10 and 5) together form the number XV (15).

  • If a smaller number goes before a bigger number, the first one should be deducted from the second one. For example, if you add I (1) to the number XV (15) and put it between these 2 numbers, you will get a smaller number, XIV (14).

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