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Things to Take Into Account When Buying a Toilet

A toilet should be comfortable, functional, and match the design of your bathroom. The main thing is to know what the characteristics of this product are and to decide what you really need.

We at 5-Minute Crafts are offering you a brief overview of toilets’ characteristics to simplify the purchase process for this item.

Types of toilets

Toilets differ in flushing and waste disposal methods.

  • Gravity-feed toilet. This type of construction uses gravity to flush down waste. This type of toilet has a quiet flush and requires minimal service.
  • Pressure-assisted toilet. It has a powerful flush thanks to the system of pressurized air that forces water from the tank into the bowl. This type of toilet will suit you if you have a big family and if you use the toilet often. Another advantage of this type is that it gets clogged much more seldom than other types.
  • Dual flush toilet. This construction allows you to save water. You can choose for yourself what type of flush you need at the moment: strong or weak.
  • Double cyclone toilet. This is a relatively new technology that uses minimum water for one flush, providing a strong flushing power.

Styles of toilets

  • Wall-mounted toilet. The flush plate and the bowl are mounted securely to the wall. It’s the perfect choice for small bathrooms provided there is enough space for installation in the wall.
  • Two-piece toilet. It consists of 2 parts: the tank and the bowl. The pros of this model are durability and the simplicity of changing the details.
  • One-piece toilet. In this construction, the tank and the bowl are a single piece. Most often these toilets are ceramic. The advantages of this model are easy installation and service, and easy cleaning.

Types of flush

  • Double flush. The toilets with a double-flush function have 2 options. If the flush is done with the help of a lever, the flow power will change according to the force you use to press it. If the flush is equipped with a flush button, then less water will be used if the smaller button is pressed and vice versa.
  • Touchless. This type is most often found in public toilets. Simply wave your hand in front of the sensor to make the flush start. Most toilets with touchless flush are battery operated.
  • Single flush. This type of toilet has only one type of flush. You press the flush button or a valve and every time the water will flush with the same flow power and in the same amount.

Types of bowls

  • Round-front bowl. This option is good for small bathrooms because it doesn’t take up much space. This bowl has an average length of 16.5 inches. Toilets with these bowls are convenient for kids and cost less money than models with an elongated shape.
  • Elongated bowl. This type of bowl has a slightly elongated shape which increases its length. It makes the toilet more convenient. There are more models with elongated bowls on the market than with rounded ones. It means that you will have many more bowls to choose from.
  • Square bowl. The toilet with a square shaped bowl will fit perfectly into a modern bathroom.
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