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What Internet Cookies Are

Once we enter pretty much any website, we are bombarded with cookie warnings. 5-Minute Crafts is going to explain what cookies are and what they are used for.

What cookies are exactly.

Internet cookies are small text files placed on your web browser or computer by web servers. They are created when you first enter a website that intends to store your information. The file often includes a name, expiration date, coded number, and the domain name of the website. Once you revisit a website, your information is already saved from the previous visit.

What cookies do.

This is what cookies can do:

  • Collect information about the pages you visit and your activities on a website.
  • Allow the site to recognize you by remembering your user ID, keeping track of your preferences and even offer an online shopping cart.
  • Customize your browsing.
  • Show ads that are targeted to you.

The good side of using cookies

The use of cookies can be very beneficial, especially when you visit a website very often because you won’t have to reenter your preferences. The websites are already optimized to serve you.

The not so good side of cookies

Cookies don’t store anything too special or exceptional. But, If you’re not a fan of having your name added to a marketing list or having your information being used to give you special offers, please read the cookie warnings carefully.

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