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What You Should Do If Your Phone Falls in Water

A phone that has fallen into a bathtub, toilet, or any other container with water is not a joke but a tragedy. In fact, the risk is high that your device will stop working for good. But even if your gadget happened to get wet, there are ways to save it. Unfortunately, even a service center won’t give you any guarantees that it can be repaired, but if you act fast, you may save the situation.

5-Minute Crafts would like to tell you how to revive a phone that has fallen in water.

1. Take the phone out of the water as soon as possible.

If your phone fell in a body of water for some reason, don’t panic and try to take it out as soon as possible. Every second counts — the longer the device stays underwater, the more difficult it will be to revive it.

Important: If your phone is connected to an outlet, you must first disconnect it from the power supply and only then remove it from the water.

2. Turn your phone off.

Don’t try to check whether your phone is okay after it gets wet. On the contrary, turn it off as quickly as possible in order to minimize the risk of a short circuit, which can cause irreparable damage.

3. Remove the internal components of the phone.

First of all, remove the phone’s cover. Then remove the SIM, the memory card, and the battery. You can dry all the removable items separately by wiping them with a soft cloth or paper towel.

Important: You should not disassemble the phone to the smallest detail because you’ll have to put it back together yourself afterward, which you may not know how to do. To get rid of excess moisture, it’s enough to remove the elements that can be detached without much effort.

4. Dry every hole.

Remove any visible moisture from your phone by wiping it off with a paper towel or soft cloth. Dry the small holes with a piece of paper towel. If possible, use a vacuum cleaner to dry the interior of the phone as deeply as possible. Remove the nozzle from it and gently vacuum each hole for 5 minutes.

5. Remove the remaining moisture from your device.

If your phone has been in water, drops of liquid may still remain inside, even after external drying. To dry your gadget properly, place it in a container with dry rice or silica gel.

Important: Don’t use heating devices or a hair dryer so as not to melt small parts or damage the device.

6. Try to turn on the phone and check how it works.

Try to keep your phone in a container with rice for at least 2 days. This time will be enough to remove moisture from its internal parts. If after this time you see a misted screen, leave the phone to dry for some time longer, and then try turning on the device.

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