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10 Easy Hacks to Hide Your Tummy

Sometimes, no matter how much you exercise, there’s some stubborn belly fat that keeps showing through your favorite outfits. But little do you know, there are some very nifty clothing tricks that can help you hide the bulge with zero hassle. We’ve listed some of the best tips below — you can thank us later.

1. Shift the focus to your legs.

An effective way to hide a belly bulge is by dressing up in straight and A-line shapes. The silhouette is always spacious and doesn’t cling in the middle. When it comes to sleeves, you have full freedom to go for sleeveless, short, quarter-length, or full. This shifts the entire focus onto your legs. You can also choose the length of the dress according to your taste. With an outfit like this, you may not even need any shapewear and can always put on flats, sandals, or low chic heels.

2. Wear an outfit in a single color.

When you wear matching tops and bottoms, it creates a column of color that can seem like a sleek unbroken line. This trick is applicable to all colors, but all-black or all-white are the most common choices. The differences in textures and fabrics don’t matter here.

3. Invest in more midis and maxis.

The gist of this trick is to go for total camouflage with a huge bohemian touch. Keep the belted versions at bay and go for looser styles that have a horizontal seam above or below the waist. Try including trendy details in print, color, and sleeves to create an intentional look.

4. Try putting on an open jacket.

Jackets help in creating an illusion to hide your belly fat. Try going with a contrasting shade of jacket worn open over any tee, dress, or shirt. This reduces the width of your body at the waistline when seen from a front view. Go for a jacket that is suitable for an indoor setting. Blazers do give the sharpest line, but if you don’t have one, you can also go for a vest, cardigan, or shacket (shirt-jacket).

5. Untuck your top.

When you untuck your tees and polos, they’re long enough to cover your tummy fat and won’t flash your skin when you stretch, sit, or even bend. Also, if you wish to wear button-down collared shirts, wear them as outies. Ensure that the shirt is a relaxed fit so that its buttons don’t gape or pull.

6. Go wider on the upper body and narrow on the lower part.

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When working with belly camouflage and showing some shape, try pairing opposites. Wear any blouse, full-cut top, jacket, or tunic with a slim base of leggings, trim pants, or skinny or straight jeans.

7. Work on your posture.

When we have poor posture, we tend to loosen up the abdominal muscles and it shows the tummy bulge even more. You can try all the clothing tricks above, but working on your posture is a win-win for you no matter what.

8. Make layering your best friend.

To make the most of the art of layering when hiding belly fat, wear a longer cardigan over a blouse or a shirt. Ensure that the latter is not too tight. Try layering it with contrast. You can go for a darker layer inside and a brighter layer outside, or vice versa. The contrast helps in creating an effect that makes your waist look smaller.

9. Play with colors and patterns smartly.

Fabrics, colors, and patterns matter a lot when it comes to belly camouflage. For the same reason, you can try flowy fabrics, dark colors, and vertical patterns.

10. Say no to tight clothing.

This may sound obvious, but many apple-shaped women tend to have skinny arms but a heavier mid-body. Sometimes, bodycon dresses for such body shapes can be very tight on your tummy area. It won’t be able to hide your bulge.

Do you have your own tips and tricks to hide belly fat while dressing up? Share them with us in the comments.

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