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10 Genius Beach Hacks to Have the Most Epic Beach Day Ever

When summer is in the air, we can’t help but think of gorgeous beaches with waves crashing on the shore. We envision sipping on fruity drinks while lying on our chaise lounges or towels, sunbathing. Even with these potential scenarios, spending time at the beach has its challenges and woes. In this article, 5-Minute Crafts is sharing some must-know beach hacks to help you have the perfect day while on the sand.

1. Use baby powder to help dry up sand.

What you’ll need: baby powder

How to do it:

  1. Brush off any sand stuck on your feet using your hand.
  2. Apply baby powder all around your feet.
  3. Rub it all on your skin.
  4. Repeat until all the sand and dirt are gone.

2. Use a baby diaper to cool off your drink.

What you’ll need: a baby diaper, a can of any drink, and water

How to do it:

  1. Place the diaper open on a flat surface, then pour water all over its insides.
  2. Refrigerate or freeze it.
  3. Take it out when you’re ready to use it.
  4. Place your drink inside.

3. Make a floating drink holder from a pool noodle.

What you’ll need: a pool noodle, a silicone gun, a knife, a cup or a can, and a pen

How to do it:

  1. Cut 2 equal pieces from a pool noodle.
  2. Using hot glue, stick the 2 pieces on their sides together.
  3. Using a pen, draw a circle in the middle.
  4. Carefully cut the circle out.

4. Convert your bikini bottom into a bikini top.

What you’ll need: a bikini bottom and a piece of long, thin string

How to do it:

  1. Run a piece of string through your bikini bottoms.
  2. Holding it around your neck, and extend the string across your back, making a cross shape.
  3. Go through the side parts of the bikini bottoms using the dangling edges of the string.
  4. Tie it in a knot.

5. Create a floating tent using an inflated air mattress.

What you’ll need: an air mattress and a tent

How to do it:

  1. Place the air mattress on the sand or some other hard surface.
  2. Put a tent on it.
  3. Tie both of them together at the corners.
  4. It’s ready to use in a pool or at sea.

6. Blow up an inflatable pool with a hair dryer.

What you’ll need: an inflatable pool, a hair dryer, a lid from a plastic condiment dispenser of sorts, or a plastic water bottle (optional).

How to do it:

  1. Take off the lid from a plastic condiment dispenser.
  2. Insert its nozzle inside the pool’s air valve.
  3. Place the hair dryer into the lid from its back.
  4. Turn it on high at a cool setting until the pool is fully inflated.

7. Use starch to make your floppy summer hats stiff again.

What you’ll need: a floppy summer hat, starch, and water

How to do it:

  1. Place the hat on a flat surface. Next, wet it completely; you can dip it into the pool.
  2. Apply starch all around its brim.
  3. Using your hands, pour water onto the areas where you applied starch. Then rub it all in until it’s dissolved.
  4. Wear it until it’s fully dried.

8. Convert your sarong into a bathing suit cover-up.

What you’ll need: a thin large rectangular sarong, scissors, a ribbon, and a sewing kit

How to do it:

  1. After placing the sarong on a flat surface, start cutting out a quarter-circle on both top corners. Remember that the cut-out parts will be on the top of your cover-up, which should fit your arm holes.
  2. Prepare 2 pieces of ribbon whose lengths are adjusted to your shoulder area. Using your sewing kit, start stitching the ribbon to the corners. They’ll be the straps for your shoulders.
  3. Repeat the previous step for the other corner. Cut off the excess string.
  4. To wear it, open the sarong so that you’ll face its back. Put one of your arms into it. Next, wrap it around your body and insert your other arm through the other strap.

9. Use a plastic bag to wash yourself.

What you’ll need: a big enough plastic bag, water, and a sharp, pointy object

How to do it:

  1. A plastic bag may be a life-saver if you need to take a quick shower or rinse yourself off when the water is cut off. Get your big plastic bag ready and fill it with water.
  2. Using a hanger or clasp, hang it above your head.
  3. With a pointy object, pierce the bottom in various places.
  4. Use it as many times as you want.

10. Make your own long-lasting cooling face toner.

What you’ll need: aloe vera, water, a knife, a spoon, a cucumber, a lemon, a blender or food processor, and a spray bottle

How to do it:

  1. Place a branch of aloe vera on a flat cutting board. Using a knife and starting from the thickest part, divide it into 2 equal parts.
  2. Carefully and gently scoop up all the gel from its inside, using a spoon.
  3. After putting in the aloe vera gel, add the cucumber slices, some water, and lemon juice in a food processor or blender, and blend until it’s liquid.
  4. Pour it into a spray bottle. Apply it evenly onto your face.

Bonus: some other hacks to keep in mind

  • If your mat or towel keeps blowing in front of your face while sunbathing, don’t stress. Use ziplock bags and fill them with sand, then place them on each corner of your towel. This way, everything will stay put.
  • If your pool water is too cold, use black plastic bags to warm it up. Make sure you have enough of them to cover the entire surface of your pool. After waiting for 1 hour, you can enjoy the warmer water.
  • You can fix your mat to the sand with its corners by pushing them inward. Continue until you are sure the corners are tucked firmly in the sand.
  • You can use your sunscreen to create temporary summer tattoos. All you need to do is pick your favorite shape and trace it with your cream. Make sure to sunbathe well.
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